StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/14/2008

This last ten days of fishing has been fair to good. I have fished the last five days in a row, with both morning and afternoon trips. We had real good results on some days and had to work really hard to catch a few fish the others which is typical for this time of the year. The current lake level is at 614.51 with a water temperature of 49 degrees. With warmer weather this past week, it has been beautiful out on Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma Striper guide Fishing Report 

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How will the Clean Vessel Act affect you?

A court ruling on the Clean Water Act poses a serious threat to recreational boating.

A recent court ruling about pollution being dumped from commercial ship ballas water will also require all recreational boats to get permits by September, 2008—despite the fact that 99% of recreational boats do not have ballast tanks.

We all know that boats and ships are different, and shouldn’t be treated the same. These permits were originally intended for commercial ships that have brought harmful invasive water species into U.S. waters but do the the court ruling are being developed to levy a tax on your boat’s engine cooling water, bilge water and deck runoff. This tax will seriously impact boating participation by requiring you to pay an annual $800 permit unless Congress acts quickly.

Learn the facts on how this could affect you and get involved to help get this fixed.  Below are some links we have found that have good information on this act. 


StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/2/2008

The past few weeks of February and first two days of March brought us wonderful weather. We are in for couple of rough days but warming towards week end. The current lake level is at 614.25 with a water temperature of 48 degrees. The striper fishing has been very good for me when using live bait. If you like sandbass, now is a good time to go fishing for them. I have caught just as good numbers of good sized healthy looking sand bass also fishing off the creek banks and ledges.


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