StriperMaster Fishing Report 2/28/2007

This past week the fishing is still only fair. I fished four trips since my last report and on three of those trips the fishing was still better later in the day. Fish were easily found but they were not in the biting mood. On Friday morning the fishing started out hot and heavy until the wind switched on us and the fish shut down.

Lake Texoma striper

Best fishing is using live bait and working the ledges of water in the 40-60 foot range. I have seen some small groups of birds working. Keep an eye out for them and you may still catch a few fish on sassy shads or slabs.

Take the trip between the Roosevelt Bridge and the RR bridge. I spoke with some of the guys who usually work this area and they say that the fish are still working this area in the same general pattern as in the west part of the lake.

The lake water temperature has risen 4-6 degrees in the areas I’ve been fishing so it won’t be long now until the fish turn on.

Warm spring days are upon us and Spring Break is coming fast. A day fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma makes for a great day off.


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