A Series of Events?

A Series of Events?  While trying to pull anchor the rope gets caught in the lower unit?  The guide not wanting to lose the anchor decides to go swimming and unhook the rope?  Said guide can not get back in the boat after getting the anchor cut loose?  The four guys in the boat all get to one corner in the back of the boat to help get guide back in the boat?  At this unfortunate time a big wave hits the boat at the wrong angle overtaking said boat?  Said boat flips and starts going under?  Captain gets Charter tethered together watch the boat go under and the group wait to be rescued?

Just one series of events we overheard at a local watering hole last evening?  

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  1. Thanks for the updates on this story. I have been reading SOG and it seems like they want to keep everything a big secret. Accidents happen, but it is good to know how things might have happened so it might not happen again. Keep up the good work.

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