Blue-Green Algae Warning Prohibits Swimming in Lake Texoma

Last Friday The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Tulsa District issued an advisory for all of Lake Texoma for Blue-green algae.

The Corps of Engineers’ Press release states. “TULSA– In order to provide members of the public the latest information available so that so that they are able to make informed decisions, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District, has once again updated the blue-green algae matrix. (The latest version is incorporated in this document.) The Treasure Island portion of Lake Texoma west to the mouth of the Red River including Buncombe Creek and Big Mineral Arms is now under a WARNING and water contact is prohibited. Corps? recreation areas included in the WARNING area include Caney Creek, Buncombe Creek, and Juniper Point. The parks are still open to camping, however, at the WARNING level, harmful algae have been found to be present, and the water is considered unsafe for people and pets. Also, Lake Texoma is now under lake-wide blue – green algae ADIVSORY. At the ADVISORY level, water contact is discouraged and water may be unsafe for people and pets.

Blue-green algae are naturally present in Tulsa District lakes at low concentrations, however, during hot and dry conditions, nuisance blue-green algae blooms can occur and these blooms can create unwanted risks associated with swimming and wading at recreational areas. A blue-green algae bloom can occur in any lake at any time if the conditions are right.

Fish caught in the lake are ok to eat and anglers should rinse their catch with clean water before handling and eat only the fillets.

Yesterday the Corps of Engineers expanded the warning. ALL of Lake Texoma is now under a blue-green algae WARNING, and water contact is PROHIBITED. At the WARNING level, harmful algae are present, and the water is considered unsafe for people and pets.

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