Lake Texoma Boating Courtesy

To have a safe and fun day on Lake Texoma is an easy thing to do if you follow some simple and common sense rules.

Never run too fast for conditions.  If the lake is rough, slow down to a speed you and your passengers are comfortable with. Remember that your passenger's safety and comfort are your responsibility! 

Do not go fast enough to create a wake within 100 feet of any shore, dock or anchored boat. One thing you should remember at all times is that YOU can be held LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for any property damage, injury or death resulting from a wake created by your boat.

Not all the boats on the lake are pleasure boater, many of the boats are fishing.  Fishermen deserve your respect.  When operating around boaters who are fishing, take extra care to control your wake. Fisherman and often standing in their boats.  Your wake could rock the fisherman's boat and if one of the fishermen fall over board and… well remember… you are responsible for any property damage, injury or death resulting for your wake.

Don't get to close and invade the fishermen's territory. They deserve their fare share of the water as much as you do.
Be sure that you don't move between a fisherman and the point or bank he's fishing.  Remember the "50 Yard Rule".  Always try and stay at least 50 yards from any boats you see that are fishing.  One last thing never fire up your motor and run through or near anchored fishing boats.

If you are a pleasure fisherman, give the guide boats the same respect you would want.  Don't crowd in on them.  Trying to get as close as possible to get on the fish they have marked is, well, simply rude.  You wouldn't want them coming right up on you of you are on fish and anchoring down so be courteous and follow the "50 Yard Rule".

In essense,  just be on the safe side, use your common sense and give other boaters and fishermen a wide berth and enjoy your day on Lake Texoma.


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