Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 5/2/2008

Last few trips have been somewhat difficult, getting to the fish, with the high winds here.  I have gotten lots of fish, most limits of 10 fish per person, somewhat small, but getting better with each warming day.  Bait is plentiful, but stocking it for the hard times coming.   All fish are in great shape, with the smaller ones still hardy, and a great filet.  My lodging at Little Mineral has been accepted as a great place to stay.  I can use it as free lodging option if necessary.   Right now it works great, lower than anywhere else on the lake, and clean.       Good Fishing…."JD"

StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 4/21/2008

Lake Texoma striper fishing this past 10 days has definately changed for the better. The current lake level is at 620.72 with a water temperature of 63 degrees. We are seeing a lot of seagulls, egrets and blue herrings working bait which makes for easy pickings. As of now I am using live bait (Threadfin Shad) but we have also had some good catches on Sassy Shad lures. Some of the schools of fish I have set up on have been blowing up on the surface. I have mainly been fishing the shallow flats, 15-25 feet of water, but a couple of days I have fished in 70 feet of water with excellent results.

 Lake Texoma Striper

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Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 4/13/2008

Malone Williamson group, had a good time until the high winds ran us off. It was catch and release, but someone kept a few for a little snack later.

Jason, Eric, Bobby and I fought the winds til the fish prevailed, Sunday, giving us a limit of good fish, and a good time. Fish biting on bait, and while anchored if you can get the anchor to hold in the wind.


Cross Creek April 7th Fishing Report

Well for three from Nebraska, who spent more time waiting for the rain to stop, just to be faced with poor results; for the two who spent two days, long lining, in coves to escape the high winds; to the 5 who went with me in the worse waves I have seen in some time; to the four from nearby, who fought the fog with me, just to hide in a cove to escape boats running too fast in the fog; I ask you to return for a free day, even tho I worked hard, and stayed long, but still feel this is the best fishing hole in the country.  April 5, it all came together, as four arrived to beautiful weather, fish biting bait, and limiting on some small, and some large 7-8 pounders fish.   I just love fishermen, as they all like being on the water, accepting the results, and understand its not all about just catching fish. 

Lake Texoma stripers


StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 4/2/2008

This past couple of Spring Break Weeks we have seen alot more fishermen along with pleasure boaters out enjoying the beauty of Lake Texoma. The current lake level is at 618.44 with a water temperature of 55 degrees. We have had a couple of tough fishing days and a couple of rough weather days but overall we have had some great Spring Break striper fishing. With the warmer days water temperature is steadily getting warmer, putting the fish in a better mood or at least getting them in a biting mood.

Lake Texoma stripers caught with StriperMaster

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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/14/2008

This last ten days of fishing has been fair to good. I have fished the last five days in a row, with both morning and afternoon trips. We had real good results on some days and had to work really hard to catch a few fish the others which is typical for this time of the year. The current lake level is at 614.51 with a water temperature of 49 degrees. With warmer weather this past week, it has been beautiful out on Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma Striper guide Fishing Report 

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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/2/2008

The past few weeks of February and first two days of March brought us wonderful weather. We are in for couple of rough days but warming towards week end. The current lake level is at 614.25 with a water temperature of 48 degrees. The striper fishing has been very good for me when using live bait. If you like sandbass, now is a good time to go fishing for them. I have caught just as good numbers of good sized healthy looking sand bass also fishing off the creek banks and ledges.


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Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 2/25/08

Fishing Saturday was excellent but Sunday was very bad. I have moved to the Lighthouse Marina. They have completed the new dock which will afford better facilities for my customers. The lodging is better, but I still have my trailer at Little Mineral Marina as a back up. Will attend the backwoods show in OKC this weekend, then back to fulfill all the promises I made at the show.

Tinker’s February 8th Fishing Report

It is one week until Valentines Day and do you have that special someone something for Valentines Day? How about a great fishing adventure for that special someone. We have gift certificates that would make a great gift. Better yet surprise that special someone by whisking them away for a night in one of our rooms just the two of you and then have a fun day fishing.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing 

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