StriperMaster Fishing Report 10/03/2007

  Over the past week fishing on Lake Texoma, I have seen a big change in the size of striper's being caught. Some very good sized fish are being caught early in the morning, just after sunup, on shallow waters, 2 feet and less on "Pencil Poppers". A lot more seagulls are also starting to work the water. It seems that every year around this time they show up overnight. 

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Cross Creek 10/01/2007 Fishing Report

Fishing report October 1, 2007: 45 fish caught yesterday, most on the small side, and mostly with artificial bait. Most guides in with few fish, but I stayed with it, til they hit. For those with either scheduled dates, or those with tenitive plans, I will be departing the dock at 7am, until the 4th of November, when daylight saving time ends. See you this fall…."JD"

Tinker’s September 28th Fishing Report

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on Lake Texoma

With the flood this year in June and July and the falling lake in August and the first of September, fishing was different from pervious years. With a very fast rise or fall of the lake level the stripers change their feeding patterns and can make it hard to locate where they are feeding.  As of September 28, 2007 at 7:00AM the water pool level was at 617.64ft and the fishing is getting better every day. Fish are blowing up on top making early top water fishing great. After the stripers go down the slab fishing really picks up. With cooler water coming from the north and the cool nights the water temperature will start to cool down and the bigger fish will start to turn on. We are leaving the dock at 7:00AM for our morning trips and with the shorter days our afternoon trips are leaving the dock at 1:30PM. Our guides are only doing one trip a day so everyone will be able to get plenty of time on the lake fishing during the cooler weather and shorter daylight hours.  

The forecast for the next week is for lows in the middle 60’s and highs in the mid to upper 80’s.  It will be partly cloudy with 5 to 15 MPH ENE winds Friday and Saturday with a slight chance of showers Sunday and Monday.  Striper fishing is just fantastic when these small thunderstorms blow through.    The Corps is releasing 11,000 cfs for generating twice a day at 6:00AM and 10:00PM. Sunrise this morning was 7:15AM and sunset will be at 7:47PM. There are 12 hours and 32 minutes of visible light.  

We had 187 fishermen in August.  They brought a total of 876 stripers to the cleaning table. Several 25 sandbass limits were caught. The flood waters kept some fisherman off the lake during August. Fall fishing in October and November is always better fishing than summer months. We have several openings thru the week in October and November. The only weekend trips are available for the later part of November. We have occasional late cancellation. Call us if you have a weekend you would like to fish. You can see the pictures of the fish caught during August and September at

Our guides furnish tackle, bait and friendly instruction for you. Everything is furnished except food, drinks, licenses and rain gear.  Tinker’s private boathouses are always available for our guests to fish for catfish, striper, perch, crappie and bass before or after the guided trip.

Lake Texoma Fishing Report- StriperMaster 9/24/2007

Lake Texoma's pool elevation is 618.02.It is still slowly dropping back to normal levels. With the flood gated releasing around the 9800 cubic feet per second (cfs) compared to the 25-20,000 cfs range fishing has definatley picked up. The fishing is good all day with bigger fish being caught in the morning and a lot of short chunky fish in the afternoon. Almost all the fish I've been catching this past week have been taken from the shallows and flats which is typical for where they should be this time of year. I've found fish just about everywhere I've looked, definately a good sign. The stripers on Lake Texoma have finally bunched up into large schools which makes for easy pickings.

Lake Texoma striper guide fishing

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StriperMaster Fishing Report 8/31/2007

 After the full moon on the 28th, we are still using 1/2 ounce Cojo Minnows with three inch body, 1/2 ounce Sassy Shad with a 3 inch body in the Glow or White colors and 3" Chug Bugs.  Remember the trick to using these baits is to retrieve it fast as soon as it hits the surface of the water.  Reel it in keeping the lure right near the surface of the water.  Alot of the fish we are catching are on the small side but are very aggressive.  You can work these schools of smaller Lake Texoma stripers and find some good sized box fish along with some good sized sand bass.

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StriperMaster Fishing Report 8/22/2007

As for fishing this first part of August it has been good one day and tough the next. The lake level is back down to the 624 foot mark and this level is dropping fast with the Corps of Engineers discharging around 21,00 cubic feet of water per second. The flood control pool is at the 25.95% full. The lake is dropping almost 6 inches a day.

Lake Texoma striper

The first 10 – 14 days of the month the COE were discharging around 10,000-12,000 cfs. and the fishing was great. As the water level began dropping faster the fishing has gone from great to good to fair. By mid September when we get back to a normal lake level the fishing should get back to normal which is usually very good for the this time of year. As for fishing this first part of August it has been good one day and tough the next.

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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – StriperMaster 07/27/07

It has been several weeks since my last fishing report. I shut my boat down for a few weeks due to the high water. I mentioned in my last report the debris in the lake and took my own advice and stayed off the lake.

  I started fishing again on July 16th. Finding a place to launch my boat has been a big problem. I have had numerous calls and emails the last week with the same question. "Where's an open ramp to launch my boat?" Right now I don't know of any marina who has their ramps open and I personally think it will be mid August before many of the ramps are useable.

Lake Texoma striper

  That's the Bad News…Now the Good News…

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StriperFish Lake Texoma Fishing Report 7/27/2007

Fishing has been a lot of work during this month at Lake Texoma. Had to cancel some trips because of the high water, loss of electricity, and dangers of floating debris. The water trickled over the spillway, but is now going down gradually. Those that chose to "weather the storm" had a lot of fun, and caught good fish. Robt and Sara Kaska, did well for three days, with "her" big fish going around 8-9#, and she missed the big one. Threw lots of over 20s back. It is now time to consider that upcoming summer outing, with a little inconveniences of getting in the boat at the bank, fishing is great! Lots of top water, some bait, and a little long-lining at times.  Call me (vacation August 4th)  but lots of dates open now……"JD"

StriperMaster Fishing Report 6/20/2007

Our last four weeks of striper fishing on Lake Texoma has been outstanding.  I have spoken with guides who have fished Lake Texoma for twenty years and more and they all agree that the fishing has been the best they have ever seen. Limits of good 17 to 24 inch and larger fish have been the norm. Catching a limit of these fish in a very short time has also been the norm. 

Lake Texoma striper

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Tinker’s June Fishing Report


June 14, 2007

The last 45 days have been some of the best striper fishing I have seen during my 30 years of chasing the silversides all over Texoma. Just the other day I was talking with my first striper fishing buddy, Ralf “Fireball” Judd, and he agreed that this spring has been super. We did see larger stripers in bigger numbers back in the 1980s, but this year has produced more limits faster than any year in the past. Especially the healthy 18” to 24” stripers.

Lake Texhoma fishing picture

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