StriperMaster Fishing Report 5/29/07

"Excellent" would be my word of choice to describe the striper fishing on Lake Texoma this past week.  We are still catching early limits of nice sized 17-19 inch box fish plus our over 20 inch stripers.  Most all of the fish have now finished the spawn, although we are still seeing a few with eggs.  Some of the larger stripers we have caught have been on the skinny side and a little beat up, which is normal for this time of year, coming off the spawn.  (Fish Love Hurts).  These fish will quickly fatten up in the weeks to follow. Other local guides that I have spoken to agree fishing doesn't get any better than it is right now. 

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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Fishing Report 5/17/2007

Striper action this week is about as good as it gets. We have been catching early limits of nice box fish – 17" to 19" plus our over 20" Lake Texoma stripers.

  I'm still fishing live bait as that is what the stripers are keyed in on. I have also caught some slab and topwater stripers this week which goes to show that the Lake Texoma stripers are on the feed and very agressive about it. Right now it seems that everywhere I look I find good sized schools of stripers.



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StriperFish Fishing Report 5/9/07

The weather has been the pits, but I have been fishing steadily through it all.  I have been fishing with other guides on big trips, and the catching has been very good.   I have lots of my own trips, doubles on every weekend, but have not gotten any pictures from my customers who are to send me some shots taken while on the boat, in action.    I have lots of trips booked, most saturdays booked, with a few Sundays left, and good choice dates during the week.    The fishing this weekend, was like what we expect in July.   The fish were so thick, we could have slabbed them.     Finished all trips with good fish, and fast action. 

StriperFish Fishing Report

April 29, 2007:   I have been fishing with some other guides, and not able to get pictures on those trips.   We did very well, winning big fish prize, and bringing in lots of good quality fish.   Was fortunate to have good fishermen with me, who were lots of fun, and "made me look good".    Fishing has kicked off at its best.    I finished up with 40 fish at 8:30a, yesterday, and good thing as they stopped biting completely. 

Group from Tatum, Texas was really fun, and although "slam dunked them", they were proud, as they saw what was going on.   They will definitely be back.   Anyway, hope you feel compelled to come to Lake Texoma, and catch stripers.



Spring Fishing is Great

Spring Striper Fishing on Lake Texoma is getting hot. 

We have spoken with several guides who report good catches of Lake Texoma stripers with big fish hitting hard and heavy.

StriperMaster Lake Texoma striper      StriperMaster Lake Texoma striper
StriperMaster Lake Texoma Guide Service

Tinker's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service      Tinker's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service
Tinker's Lake Texoma Guide Service

Marc Thompson's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service      Marc Thompson's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service
Marc Thompson's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service      Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service
Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

If you are looking for a knowledgeable Lake Texoma Striper Guide, visit one of the above guide's websites.  These guides are all very experienced and know Lake Texoma like the back of their hands. 

Don't get stuck with a part time guide who has to follow other boats around or stay on the radio to find fish.   

Go Lake Texoma striper fishing with a guide who fishes full time and will give you your money's worth of a fun day fishing for stripers on Lake Texoma.