Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 7/21/2010

Lake Texoma striper fishing thru this first part of July continues to hold up. Limits of stripers are being caught in the 60-75 ft of water using gizzard shad. Were mainly fishing the river channel ledges and although you may not mark the stripers solid, you can set up on the scattered stripers and get them going. This past week we are seeing alot more of the overs ( 20 inches plus ) and some solid 18-19" box fish. I have had a couple of really good slab fishing days mixed in with some bad ones so until I see some changes Im back to baitfishing .  


Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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Rainy Day Fishing on Lake Texoma

If my yard wasn't so parched, I would have been singing the ditty, Rain Rain go away, come again some other day, Rain Rain go away I want to fish today.   But as the weather forecast said 50% chance of rain.  So that's 50% we won't get rained on, right?  We load up a little before 6am.  It had been drizzling but wasn't as Mike, his boys Zach and Jacob and I loaded into Doug Keeter's Striper Master Falcon.  Before we got out of Highport Marina we had to don the rain gear.  We let our slabs down in about 30 foot of water and after a couple of missed hits the bottom fell out.  It was raining so hard you could hardly see the shoreline of Texas.  Doug headed to a nearby cove where we sought shelter in an empty boat slip.  We sat in the boat listening to the rain hammer the tin roof of the boat house for about half an hour.  The rain finally let up to a light drizzle and we headed back out.  Doug stopped at a promising spot and bam it was fish on.  Zach took the honors for first fish of the day and it wasn't long before everyone had one in the boat.  We all caught a couple of fish and then they were gone.  We moved to another spot and bam fish on again.  The cycle repeated itself several times until we had our fill.  It was still drizzling as we headed back to Highport but as we slowed down in the no wake zone it quit.  By the time we unloaded on the courtesy dock the skies had lightened up and we shed the rain gear and tried to dry out.  Another great day on beautiful Lake Texoma, a good load of texoma stripers and a nicely soaked yard.


Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/7/2010

With the Memorial Day Holidays behind us and the June days heating up, the striper fishing on Lake Texoma is at it's best.  Limits of stripers are being caught all over the lake.   Although I have caught some fish on top-water, live bait is still my preference at this time.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Memorial Day Weekend

Needless to say the fishing has been just as awesome as expected for this time of year. It is as fast as you can drop your bait in the water and limits are coming in on average of about an hour leaving plenty of time to catch and release, cat fish, or look for bigger fish. We are forecasted to have our first 100° weather here in the first week in June. I can’t believe just 2 months ago in the first week in April we still had snow on the ground. With the water temperature rising, the big fish are starting to venture out into the deeper water. Most of my fish are coming in 50-60 ft. but I’m sometimes still finding the bigger fish in the 35-40ft range, but not always. Live bait is still the ticket and should remain so until the beginning of July. Most importantly, if you’re not beating the water, you’re not catching fish.

I took most of Memorial Day weekend off with the exception of Friday morning and Saturday morning. Fishing was still good and it wasn’t as crowed out there as I was expecting. It was nice to finally take a couple of days off to relax a little. Wednesday I was right back after it and the fishing just picked right back up where I had left off.


Lake Texoma Striper fishing


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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 5/31/2010

The Lake Texoma striper fishing thru the month of may just keeps getting better. Limits of stripers are being caught within a hour or two all over the lake. Tur current lake elevation is 619.01 an water tempeture is 78-80 degrees. I've fished both north and west of Highport Marina, finding large amounts of stripers in the 45-70 feet range of water holding on river channel ledges humps and ditches. Some days you can mark them solid and others they'll be a little scattered. Alough I like seeing the stripers piled in,as long as your marking scattered fish you can set up on them and they will find you. We're still using live bait mainly anchor fishing with a little drifting mixed in. When you get the fish pulled in it's an absolute feeding frenzy and this should continue for the 6-8 weeks and then we should be fishing slabs. If you have never experienced Lake Texoma striper fishing at its finest now is definitly the time to try it out.We'll continue to fish morn and afternoon trips until the bite slacks off but as for now both have produced large numbers of Texoma stripers. With the beautiful weather we have alot more boating traffic so vest up, be safe and enjoy your time on Lake Texoma.

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 04/22/2010

Lake Texoma water temp is 64-70 degrees and lake elevation is 614.48 feet above sea level. The first part of April, Lake Texoma striper fishing has seen steady improvement. We're still using live bait drift fishing the 15-25 ft depth. The size of the fish has improved from the smaller males to the 16-19" good keepers and your over 20" stripers as well. Just about everywhere I've fished I am finding alot of stripers holding on the flats in 20 ft and less water.

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 3/10/2010

It has been about two weeks since my last Lake Texoma fishing report and with the warmer weather we have seen a few changes on the lake. Water temperature is 43-49 degrees, lake elevation is 616.19 and water is off color. We are mainly fishing west of the Highport marina, working ledges and humps in the 30-45 ft water.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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StriperFish Lake Texoma Fishing Report

March 2. 2010:  Putting the fishing shows behind me, I took an ole friend from my home town, out on a little seek and find fishing trip, since we finally had a pretty day. It was a lot of seek since I had not been out in some time, but finally nailed down one of my ole fishing holes, and let him see how good he was at bringing in the "big one". He needed a lot of practice since he fishes out of Greenbelt Lake, but he finally got the hang of it again, and brought in some nice ones. It looks like the Spring Break coming up, will find Lake Texoma ready for the kids, and I am glad since I fish 20 of them in a couple weeks. I am posting a few pictures of yesterday, asking that if you have a free day or two, give me a hollar and lets go fishing , not hunting.

March 4. 2010:  same report, biggest this time to 12 lbs. Great fish, Great Day.

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 2/20/2010

Lake Texoma water temp is 40-43 degrees, lake elevation is 617.88. Due to the crazy weather we have had this winter it has been a challenge just to keep some of my trips booked. Although when were able to get our trips in the lake texoma striper fishing has been pretty good.The cold overcast days have worked out well.

Lake Texoma striper fishing with

The sunny days with very little wind I will admit have been tougher for me. Bait on the west side of the lake is the real challenge. From Highport Marina and to the west is pretty muddy water due to the rain and snow. I have mainly fished the stained water from Mill Creek back to the north working  the 45-60 foot water.


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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 2/8/2010

Catching some nice stripers, biggest to 16 lbs. Fish healthy, and good fighters. Although it is cold and rainy, the fish don't seem to care. We are having to go some distance to get to the fish, so need to wear rain gear, and dress warm. I will be putting out my catfish jugs the first or March, so will check them in conjunction to my striper trips, costing a little more for the jugs.  I have a couple shows, one in Wichita, and one in OKC, so if you get a chance, swing by and say hello.  I also wanted to mention that I am trying to organize a free guide trip for our soldiers, in mid November, who have recently returned from Afghanistan .  For more info visit