Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 8/19/2009

Lake Texoma August and September Fishing Report

The August fishing has been well above average. We are catching lots of stripers small, medium and large. You could call it a mixed bag of lots of fun! Early mornings it’s top water action. We have located some really nice fish. We board and depart at first light and cast Pencil Popper topwater plugs on the shallow banks. Recently we have had fish from 5 – 15 lbs. exploding on our plugs. Jimmy had a huge 40-inch monster striper throw a plug at the side of the boat. This action is just beginning and will continue till November. There is nothing more exciting than topwater striper fishing on Lake Texoma!  

The topwater fishing is worth the price of admission but there is still more to come. After an hour or so of topwater action we change our technique and begin slabbing and jigging. The fish have moved up on the flats. We vertically drop the slabs over the side of the boat and bump the slabs a foot off the bottom. You will locate most of the fish from 10’ – 30’ depths of water. In September, we will cast soft plastics like the Coho minnow and Sassy Shad jigs. When you are on the perfect school of fish, you can have multiple hookups. That is when everyone onboard is fighting a fish at the same time. The temperatures are mild and the fish love it.  Besides catching bunches of stripers, we also catch a lot of sandies (white bass).

Tight Lines,  Bill and Chris Carey



Striper Express Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 7/22/2009

July fishing on Lake Texoma has been nothing short of awesome! We are catching lots of nice stripers in 30' to 70' of water up to 15 lbs. "Slabs rule…" A slab is a painted lead spoon meant to fish vertically. The hot ones to use are the Blakley's and Moe's Fiesta slabs in 1.5 ounce size and chartreuse and white colors. Locate your fish on your fishfinders, drop them and let them free-fall to the bottom. The rest is simple, use a very fast retrieve, we call this "rippin' em' up". The fish will almost set the hook themselves, so hold on tight. They will try to take the rod out of your hands. Our customers are saying they have sore stomachs from the butt of the rod pressing into their mid sections. But they keep laughing and endure the painful pleasure.

The summer months on Lake Texoma are legendary! Your fishing adventure awaits you with Striper Express.



Cross Creek Striper Lake Texoma Fishing Report 7/21/2009

Good Days, and not so good days. Saturday evening was a disaster, too many boats, and when did get it going, boats ran through us, running everything away. Catching lots of big fish, but limits hard to come by, throwing big fish back. I have had some good customers the last week, not to say they all arent good customers, but in this heat, they have all stayed the course, and gotten a lot of good fish. Had been doing good in evening, but with recent rain, I like the morning right now. We have been starting at the dam, and working ourselves south, with good topwater action (smaller fish) and using slabs and some bait, bringing bigger fish.

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Biggest this week was 15# striper, taken by Hannah Perez, with her mother Shawndell bringing in a 12. Other groups fishing with me came close. Riha group, who have fished with me for the past 12 years, did well Sunday morning getting all their over 20s in one shot at the dam. The 5 took turns mastering the topwater and slabs/bait well. It died off fast with the heat. They had good boxes both Saturday (morn) and Sunday. Business slowing down some now, so can rest my arthritic bones a little. With a couple days off I can regroup after a little r- e- s- t. Good fishing…..JD

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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 7/14/2009

Summer has hit Lake Texoma. The July temperatures make for some HOT striper fishing. As of the last week of June, I have changed from fishing mainly live bait to topwater and slabs. I have found that most of the stripers working the top are on the small side, but you can catch a ton of them and catch an occasional good sized keeper. As the suns comes up later in the morning, I am off looking at the ledges and bluffs for the slab run. Once you find the fish the action is Hot and Heavy for a while then they move and so must you. The fish you catch during these runs however are good sized, alot of over 20 inch fish, and along with the hard hitting slab action makes for a fun morning of Lake Texoma striper fishing. Alot of these Hot Summer Days we have come in short of our limit. The reason being is that we are catching too many of the over 20 inch fish.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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StripersInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report

The lure fishing is on right now on Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma water temperature is at 85° and the elevation is 618.85 which is right at normal. Slabs, topwaters and cohoes are where it is at right now. Bait is not working right now and from what I’ve heard, if your not using lures, your not catching fish. There is a slab run that has been working the past few days along the bluffs and a topwater bite is happening occasionally depending on boat traffic. Most of my fish are coming off of cohoes and slabs in 25-70 ft of water. I have not been able to keep a limit in a while because it seems that all the fish are either real small or over 20” but we’re catching a lot of fish and still able to bring back a good box.

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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/10/2009

During the month of May and during this first part of June, we have had some fantastic striper fishing on Lake Texoma. The lake water is off color with surface water temperature of 69 degrees with an elevation of 622.34 feet above sea level and receding. Baitfish is once again along the banks spawning. We are using live bait, Threadfin Shad, and fishing on anchor in 45-60 feet of water.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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Tinker’s Lake Texoma Fishing Report 6/3/2009

May was a fantastic month. June is starting out great also. We had 541 fishermen and women that brought 5277 stripers up to 12 lbs and 15 other fish to the cleaning table. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

The weather has been great this last week. What showers we have had have been before fishing time and they have been hammering the stripers after the rain. The highs for Thursday and Friday is expected to be in the 80’s and lows in the upper 50’ to upper 60’s with the wind out of the north 10 to 20 mph changing to the south by Friday at 10 to 15 mph. The weekend is going to be beautiful with highs in the upper 90’s lows in the lower 60’s and a southerly wind of 10 to 15 mph.

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As of 8:00 AM the corp is releasing 25,000 cfs of water out of the flood gates and power generation. The lake level is at 622.96 feet which is 6 feet lower than the crested level on May 17th. We can walk to the boathouse again.

Sunrise is at 6:16 AM and sunset is at 8:33 PM. This gives us 15 hours and 14 minutes of great fishing time. We have been trying to leave the boathouse at 6:30 AM for the morning trips. Some mornings the bait wants to be difficult. Our afternoon trips have been leaving the boathouse at 1:30 PM. If you don’t get off work til 5 PM there is still enough daylight to go out and catch a limit.

Tinker's Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service

On the 3rd Restoration Church brought 14 of their members to fish and they brought in 140 stripers up to 8 lbs and 2 catfish up to 5 lbs. On the 9th Colgate had 27 of their employees here bringing in a total of 270 stripers. Cardinal Glass came down on the 14th for an afternoon fishing trip. They had 24 of their employees and they took home 240 stripers up to 12 lbs. We ended the month with 17 members of the North Fort Worth Baptist Church fishing on the 29th hauling in 170 stripers up to 5 lbs. On the same day Steve McQuay and 11 other people from TI brought 120 stripers up to 5 lbs to the cleaning table. On the 30th Victory Family Church had 25 of their members come and fish bringing in 250 stripers up to 6 lbs.

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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/1/2009

Well some fish hitting top water now, and catching a few with slabs, so the artificial season will be upon us very soon.   I am still using live bait, fishing the humps, and drops offs, catching good quality fish, all overs, (20 inch fish) and coming in with the best boxs, I have had in some time.  

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I believe you could catch good stripers almost anywhere on Texoma.  (if you know where to be). "JD"

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Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 5/27/2009

Have gotten a little behind with pictures and reports in May It has been incredible. Loads of fun, catching lots of fish; good large stripers, with plenty of fight.

 Cross Creek Striper Guide Service

Leaving the docks at 6:30am and sometimes back fast with 40-50- and yes 60 fish, by 8am. This does not include the number of fish caught and released, before bait runs out. Plenty of happy people, large groups, all limiting, with their promises to return soon. Names like Gabennnesch. Hoehman, Adair, McGarrah, Mechanical Paetners, Nuckols, Murphy, Prestonwood, etc. Can't get any better than this, even with the high water, and rains during the period. God is good.  "JD"

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Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 5/14/2009

Fishing is good even with the high water problem here at Texoma. I am fishing in about 43 foot of water, at a location I have sat on for a week, catching good fish, some hook swallers, and all over 20's, largest around 8-9 lbs, thusfar.

Lake Texoma striper fishing with Jerry Dorsey

My over 20 inch fish, all in the 7-9 lbs as using big baits, which they cause a real fight, so prepare to "hang-on".