StriperInc. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 10/25/2010

As the water temperature on Lake Texoma continues to cool, the striper fishing keeps getting better. Due to  extreme summer temperatures this year, the fall bite has been pushed back a couple of weeks and I’m just now starting to see it really turning on. The surface temperature readings are around 72 ⁰ When the water temperature finally falls in the 60’s we should be catching limits on every trip.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Pictures 
The nasty weather and strong south winds that we had over the weekend were great! Not only did it scare off all of the boats, but it made for some of the best fishing yet this fall. Topwater fishing was awesome as is expec ted for this time of year and all of our big fish came in on topwaters. There are lots of big fish that have survived our annual summer fish kill and we brought in several fish in the 6-8 lb. range. Most all of the bigger fish have made it back to a healthy weight but are still a little on the skinny side while the fish under 20” are all fat and healthy. 
Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Pictures 
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Smoke on the Water

A nice brisk morning with mist rising from the water is waiting on us as we arrive at Highport Marina on Lake Texoma and head to Doug Keeter's Striper Master Falcon.  I started to wear shorts this morning but it was a good thing i put my Levis on instead.  I brought a light hoodie and as we headed past the breakwater and Doug poured the coals on i should have brought a heavier one but the view of this beautiful morning on Lake Texoma made me forget the chill.  I turned around as we neared the islands and the view was spectacular.  A bad time to forget to bring the camera.  The fog's mist was rising along the shoreline and the sun was like a bright fireball.  The first thing that came to mind was a line from a Deep Purple song from back in the early seventies, "Smoke on the Water, the Fire's in the Sky". 

We started fishing with COJO's and today it was my turn to be the last to catch one, however I personally think it was the biggest at the time.  We would catch some then the stripers would move and we would try and follow.  We moved several times, each time catching 3 of 4 fish.

Around 9 am the stripers disappeared and Doug found a good school in about 15 feet of water.  Using slabs we bumped the bottom and caught 5 more fish.  We then went to see if we could find anymore topwater stripers.  We saw some birds working and Doug went around the flock so as not to disturb them or the bait fish they were chasing.  He set us up to drift thru them and BAM the action was on.  After some fast and furious action we shortly had our limit and it was time to head back in.

If you have not experienced the beauty of nature on a crisp morning on Lake Texoma, it is something I strongly recommend. We are truely blessed to gave this paradise. You never know, you too may see Smoke on the Water and Fire in the Sky. 




Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 9/28/2010

Lake Texoma striper fishing over the past four weeks has been very consistent. Although we are not catching alot of the larger fish, the action has been really good. The Lake Texoma stripers are working the surface chasing shad on shallow flats early morning. Most topwater plugs will work along with soft plastic swim baits in white or chartreuse. When the topwater bite is over I'll change to the 1oz ghost minnow slab and work the ledges related to the shallow flats. Drop to the bottom come 1-2 turns up and jig it. With this bait your strikes will come on the fall so you have to keep the slack out of your line or alot of the time you'll never feel the strike. 

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 8/11/2010

Although July was a fabulous month striper fishing Lake Texoma, the first week of August has been just as good.  Lake Texoma water temp is 86-88 degrees and lake elevation is 617.31. We're still fishing live bait (gizzard shad) and mainly fishing 65-80 ft of water.  The morning feed has been incredible the majority of stripers being caught have been our 20" fish and over.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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StripersInc. Striper Fishing Report 8/3/2010

Whether it is a lack of threadfin shad, zebra muscles, lake elevation, climate, or all of the above, one thing is for sure, the fishing has never been this good this late in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, summer fishing can be great and we normally catch lots of big fish but this year is definitely and exception because we’re still catching fish like it is spring except they are all over 20”.  


Lake Texoma Striper fishing



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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 7/21/2010

Lake Texoma striper fishing thru this first part of July continues to hold up. Limits of stripers are being caught in the 60-75 ft of water using gizzard shad. Were mainly fishing the river channel ledges and although you may not mark the stripers solid, you can set up on the scattered stripers and get them going. This past week we are seeing alot more of the overs ( 20 inches plus ) and some solid 18-19" box fish. I have had a couple of really good slab fishing days mixed in with some bad ones so until I see some changes Im back to baitfishing .  


Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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Your Striper Fishing Guide

We learned of an interesting incident that occured over the 4th of July holidays that we felt we should share. 

Our story starts when a group of guys decide one evening they are going to go fishing the next month for stripers on Lake Texoma.  Fisherman 1 calls and books a trip with guide 1.  In the meantime fisherman 2 calls and books a trip for the same date and time with guide 2.   The evening before the trip guide 1 calls fisherman 1 and confirms trip and sets up the meeting place to be at the Mobile station on the corner of FM 289 and Highport Rd.  The morning of the trip guide 1 meets the group and introduces himeself to them.  He has his guide service's shirt on and directs them to the boat they will be fishing from.  The group travels to Little Mineral Marina, departs to the fishing grounds and has a great time slaying the Lake Texoma stripers.  After getting their limit they return to the Marina get their cleaned fillets, settle up and all in hunky dory, or is it?

The next day fisherman 1 calls guide 1 and says they fished with the wrong guide.  Fisherman 1 explains that his buddy fisherman 2 booked a tripe with guide 2 using his, fisherman 1's, credit card for the deposit.  Fisherman 1 now wants guide 1 to pay guide 2 for the cost of the trip and accuses guide 1 of scamming them.  He says he canceled trip with guide 1 once he  learned of fisherman 2's booking with guide 2.

The war of words escalates and after guide 2 informs fisherman 1 he has charged his credit card only for the no show fee things go even further downhill.  Fisherman 1 now stops payment of the cancellation fee.  The two guides agree it was neither of their faults, as neither knew the other was also booked.  

This is the first time we have ever heard of a case like this but based on the above story and tales we have heard of, such as guide not showing up at the meeting place, we would like to relate a few tips to ensure your guide experience is a good one.
     1.  When you make your reservation for your charter, write down all the details.
                        phone, email, guide's name, date, time and
                        exact location of where you are to meet up.
     2.  Call your guide to confirm all is good to go a couple of days before your charter.
     3.  Get detailed instructions and directions of where you are to meet.

Following these simple steps will greatly enhance that your Lake Texoma fishing charter will go smooth and be one that you will enjoy and have fond memories of to tell your buds about.



Rainy Day Fishing on Lake Texoma

If my yard wasn't so parched, I would have been singing the ditty, Rain Rain go away, come again some other day, Rain Rain go away I want to fish today.   But as the weather forecast said 50% chance of rain.  So that's 50% we won't get rained on, right?  We load up a little before 6am.  It had been drizzling but wasn't as Mike, his boys Zach and Jacob and I loaded into Doug Keeter's Striper Master Falcon.  Before we got out of Highport Marina we had to don the rain gear.  We let our slabs down in about 30 foot of water and after a couple of missed hits the bottom fell out.  It was raining so hard you could hardly see the shoreline of Texas.  Doug headed to a nearby cove where we sought shelter in an empty boat slip.  We sat in the boat listening to the rain hammer the tin roof of the boat house for about half an hour.  The rain finally let up to a light drizzle and we headed back out.  Doug stopped at a promising spot and bam it was fish on.  Zach took the honors for first fish of the day and it wasn't long before everyone had one in the boat.  We all caught a couple of fish and then they were gone.  We moved to another spot and bam fish on again.  The cycle repeated itself several times until we had our fill.  It was still drizzling as we headed back to Highport but as we slowed down in the no wake zone it quit.  By the time we unloaded on the courtesy dock the skies had lightened up and we shed the rain gear and tried to dry out.  Another great day on beautiful Lake Texoma, a good load of texoma stripers and a nicely soaked yard.


A Series of Events?

A Series of Events?  While trying to pull anchor the rope gets caught in the lower unit?  The guide not wanting to lose the anchor decides to go swimming and unhook the rope?  Said guide can not get back in the boat after getting the anchor cut loose?  The four guys in the boat all get to one corner in the back of the boat to help get guide back in the boat?  At this unfortunate time a big wave hits the boat at the wrong angle overtaking said boat?  Said boat flips and starts going under?  Captain gets Charter tethered together watch the boat go under and the group wait to be rescued?

Just one series of events we overheard at a local watering hole last evening?  

Update on Striper Guide boat sinking

Well we just got home from one of the popular watering holes on Lake Texoma and found out more information.   From the info we recieved tonight, Kudos should go out to Mr. McCullough.  Once he knew the boat was in trouble he did not panic and was able to get his charter into their vests, tethered together where they could stay as a group and rode out the rough conditions for over an hour until they were spotted and plucked from the water.  We commend Mr McCullough for his actions.

There are still much speculation as to the "series of events" issue with several theories being bandied about.  When we learn more we will report what we discover.

A fund has been set up on the Six Old Geezers board to help out Mr. McCullough. If you would like to help out go to