Meeting regarding proposed Lake Texoma Striper Guide Licensing

There will be a meeting today July 1st at 4 pm at De Happy Cajun Restaurant with a representative of Congressman Ralph Hall.  The stated purpose of the meeting is to relay to the Congressman the economic impact to the Lake Texoma area if the newly proposed requirement the Coast Guard is pushing to require all Lake Texoma Striper Guides to obtain Coast Guard approved Captain Licenses.  The meeting is open to all.  If you have an interest in this proposed action you are invited to attend. 

Above information is recap from an article we saw in a local paper.

 De Happy Cajun Restaurant is located on HWY 120 appx 1 1/2 miles north of Pottsboro.


Tinker’s New Year’s Striper Fishing Report

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year as we are.

Now down to business. For those of you that love to catch some catfish now is the time to come fishing. Some of our customers are catching some big catfish up to about 40 to 50 lbs.

We are also seeing some bigger stripers come to the cleaning table. We also are still having our winter special until the end of February. You can see the catfish that is being caught by visiting our fishing pictures page at December Fishing Pictures.

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Can't believe last fishing report, as things are as good as they get right now.    Does not get any better.     Last several trips have been a blast with weather beautiful, and limits regardless of the number of people aboard, quick, with good fish.  

Cross Creek Striper Guide Service on Lake Texoma

It is a steady bite, using all the bait (shad) since it is a little hard to come by this time of the year.    I am up at 2a, throwing a cast net, under the lights, and off the bank, to come up with 150 baits for a trip.   I put a lot in a large storage tank last week, and someone helped themself to them, and I ended up a little short for that trip, but managed just the same.    Also if customers dont show up at designated time, my time starts when I tell you to be there, not when you show up, it hurts to get out late at times.  Please be on time.   Lodging is hard to come by during the busy season so get your lodging set promptly.   Catfishing on jugs to start next month, when you can catch lots of really big catfish.  "JD"


Tinker’s Striper Guide Service Lake Texoma Fishing Report

As summer ends and fall comes into play our forecast is high 83 low 47. The rest of the week and weekend will be great weather for striper fishing. The highs will be in the mid 80’s and the lows in the mid 50’s. The wind will be 10 to 15 mph out of the east. The sunrise was at 7:11 AM with the sunset at 7:31 PM giving us a total of 13 hrs and 09 min to fish for stripers. As of 8:00 AM the lake level is at 616.62 ft which is up 1.36 ft with a temperature of 80 degrees which is 8 degrees cooler than last month. The Corp of Engineers is generation on 2 units from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. As the lake continues to cool off the fishing will only get better.


Lake Texoma striper fishing


We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused anyone for canceling last weekend due to the hurricane. We were under the impression that the lake was going to be to ruff for fishing and we were concerned for everyone’s safety. We have a boat open this weekend and some open next weekend if you would like to reschedule. We hope all our friends and customers faired well during the hurricane.


Lake Texoma striper fishing


We are leaving the boathouse for our morning trips at 6:45 AM. This gives the guide’s time to get the customers out there ready for that first morning top water action. Our afternoon trips are leaving out at 2:00 PM and with the full moon this week afternoon fishing should be great.

As August came to an end we fished a total of 263 people and they brought a total of 1887 stripers to the cleaning table. Pro Build came to fish with us on August 7th in the afternoon bringing 13 people and a total of 130 stripers to the cleaning table. Smiley Alcantar brought 8 people and fished with us for two days. His group brought in a total of 130 stripers to the cleaning table both days together. Leonard Herring came to fish with us and brought 7 people. His group brought in a total of 70 stripers to the cleaning table. We have also had a total of 33 sand bass and catfish being caught.

Tinker’s Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 8/6/2008

It’s about that time again, school will be starting soon. Wouldn’t it be great to get one last fishing trip in before the kids go back to school from summer vacation? We started the day off with a temperature of 82 degrees this morning. We are looking at 94 degrees with a 10% chance of rain for the day. The forecast for the week looks to be highs in the mid to lower 90’s with up to a 30% chance of rain by Friday. The lake elevation is at 615.82 with a water temperature of 88 degrees. Discharge for Power generation on 2 units is planned from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

We are leaving the boathouse at 6:30 AM and usually getting finished with a limit of stripers before it gets too hot. For those of you that don’t mind the heat the afternoon trips have been leaving anywhere from 3:00 PM to as late at 5:00 PM and bringing in limits before dark.

We had a total of 111 trips with a total of 289 people that brought 3,089 fish to the cleaning table in April. May brought in a total of 137 trips with 481 people that caught a total of 4,358 fish. As for June it brought in 170 trips with a total of 530 people and 5,814 fish. July totaled 91 trips, 301 people, and 2,864 fish. August now in the bloom we are looking to have a good month. There are still availabilities with some lodging. Book soon before we are full. Back in April AT&T’s Marcus Vickers brought 14 people that brought in a total of 107 stripers to 6 lbs. In May Robert Baker brought 4 people, they caught 40 stripers to 7 lbs. Calvin Swedberg from Colgate Toothpaste fished 52 people with us on June 7, 2008. They brought in a total of 372 stripers to 8 lbs and 1 catfish to 3 lbs. Mike Dempewolf brought 10 people to fish. They caught 100 stripers to 5 lb. Pro Electric came July 11, 2008 and fished 6 people. They brought in 60 stripers to 9 lbs. General Insulations Todd Moore brought 12 people that brought in 120 stripers to 6 lbs and 5 catfish to 3 lbs. The next day Baldwin Press came with 7 people with a total of 70 stripers to 6 lbs

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One great morning in a Paradise known as Lake Texoma

Tuesday 5:50 am, who in the heck is calling me.  Oh yeah I made a date to go fishing with Doug Keeter of StriperMaster Guide Service and his wife Deana. Answer the phone before the wife wakes up.  Hello, Yes I'm awake (I think)..  Get up and try to find the refrigerator to grab a Pepsi.  Ahhhhh the senses are coming around.  Being a webmaster one tends to work when others are tucked in enjoying the darkness behind their eyelids.  Get the clothes on, gather my stuff, throw another Pepsi and a couple of Lipton Green Teas into the cooler and head to meet Doug and Deana. 

The morning air at Highport Marina on Lake Texoma is intoxicating.  I remember why I moved here in the first place some 25 or so years ago.  Doug has the boat ready and off we go.  Idling out of the marina the only others stirring are the ducks who slowly move out of the way as we glide thru the still waters of Highport Marina.

Heading north from the marina we spot surfacing stripers along the bank just before the first cove north of Highport.  They are small ones but Doug finds a moving school at the mouth of the cove.  Drop the Loren’s slab to the bottom, start cranking the reel and BAM, the tip of rod is almost in the water.  I haul in a healthy 22 inch striper, Doug has one on his rod, another over 20 incher.  I catch an 18 incher and then they are gone. Doug scans the cove with no luck so we head north.  

We find them out of Soldier's Creek.  BAM, another over 20 incher.  We catch a few, more boats show up, move and find the fast moving schools, catch a few, razz Deana for missing one, move, catch a few more, razz Deana for not catching one, move, get razzed by Deana who has caught 2 or 3 while we are cranking the reel and not catching one, repeat the cycle.  Soon we have a limit of Lake Texoma stripers in the cooler.  Only 9:30 in the am.    With my T-shirt off enjoying the morning sun I contemplate that I am not usually up yet, hmmm need to fix that.  We decide to have some more fun and catch and release.  We do so for about an hour and as the sun starts getting rather warm and the wind starts to pick up we head back to the marina to be greeted by the ducks as we glide to the dock. 

One great morning in a Paradise known as Lake Texoma.

If you think you would like some of this fun, contact Doug.  His contact info is on his web site



Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 7/8/2008

Fishing Report.  June-July 2008.   All goes well, fishing great, a little warm to say the least but good fish, and great limits.   We are still using live bait, doing some top water, and slabbing, but they are still feeding fast on live bait.  Went out a couple days ago with my family and they went swimming, and you should have seen the fish on the fishing finder, they were balled up under us from the splashing of the water.  Biggest fish in the last couple weeks was 13.5 on top water. 

Lake Texoma Striper Guide

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Guaranteed Catch Revisited

We recieved an email over the weekend from a fisherman whose party recently had a tough day fishing with a guide on Lake Texoma, catching only a few small stripers.  The inquiry centered around the use of phrases of terms "Guarateed Catch", "Catch fish or your money back.  We had witten an article on this last year and for your information are updating the past article.

Read the article.


How will the Clean Vessel Act affect you?

A court ruling on the Clean Water Act poses a serious threat to recreational boating.

A recent court ruling about pollution being dumped from commercial ship ballas water will also require all recreational boats to get permits by September, 2008—despite the fact that 99% of recreational boats do not have ballast tanks.

We all know that boats and ships are different, and shouldn’t be treated the same. These permits were originally intended for commercial ships that have brought harmful invasive water species into U.S. waters but do the the court ruling are being developed to levy a tax on your boat’s engine cooling water, bilge water and deck runoff. This tax will seriously impact boating participation by requiring you to pay an annual $800 permit unless Congress acts quickly.

Learn the facts on how this could affect you and get involved to help get this fixed.  Below are some links we have found that have good information on this act.