Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 2/8/2010

Catching some nice stripers, biggest to 16 lbs. Fish healthy, and good fighters. Although it is cold and rainy, the fish don't seem to care. We are having to go some distance to get to the fish, so need to wear rain gear, and dress warm. I will be putting out my catfish jugs the […]

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/9/2010

There wont be a lot of news during the winter months, as most guides do not fish in the extreme cold here at Lake Texoma.    Today it is 12 degrees, minus 10 degrees wind child, so not a good day to be on the lake.   My last trip last Wednesday, the fishing was skimpy, as […]

Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 12/14/2009

The fishing is still great but bait in my area is mostly non-existent.   I have traveled some l hour to find it for my pending fishing trips.   We have been anchoring on a ledge, 47-55 feet. and fish stayed with us, til we limited, and then burned bait, staying out on the water for the […]

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 11/4/2009

Lake Texoma is beautiful these days, with the water temp at 67; levels at 620.53; gates closed; sunrise, 6:49a and sunset 5:31p. We are catching our limits each trip, with fish gradually getting bigger, but still somewhat skinny. Trying to depart right at sunrise, hitting a few banks with artificial, for trophy fish, and checking […]

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 10/24/2009

Beautiful fall days!.    (23rd)   Fished large group out Grandpappy, limiting early with mixed large, small fish..   Evening trip 8 cats on jugs, largest to 22 lbs.    Next morning, limited early, with big fish coming back with water temps coming down.    Another big catfish,  ending with a great mess of fish for this group from Dallas.    Lets go […]

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 10/21/2009

Fishing has been very good, with lots of trips ending with lots of fish but stripers on the small size, with the big fish skinny. I have had lots of request for catfish juglines harvesting lots of big fish. Weather has been rainy & cool, but good.     Last Sunday, we got a 46.9 lb. blue […]

Cross Creek Striper Lake Texoma Fishing Report 7/21/2009

Good Days, and not so good days. Saturday evening was a disaster, too many boats, and when did get it going, boats ran through us, running everything away. Catching lots of big fish, but limits hard to come by, throwing big fish back. I have had some good customers the last week, not to say […]

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/1/2009

Well some fish hitting top water now, and catching a few with slabs, so the artificial season will be upon us very soon.   I am still using live bait, fishing the humps, and drops offs, catching good quality fish, all overs, (20 inch fish) and coming in with the best boxs, I have had in […]