StripersInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 6/30/2011

The striper fishing on Lake Texoma is not what it used to be last year and years past, but it is still better than any other striper lake in the world. We may not be catching our limits everyday while some days are tougher than others but we are still catching fish on every trip […]

StripersInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 4/27/2001

Searching for Better Fish Lots of rain and storms should mean a successful striper spawn this year for Lake Texoma. Most of our larger fish are now up river delivering their eggs to ensure a healthy and stable population of fish. The fishing this past week has continued to improve but with the late spawn […]

StriperInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/28/2011

It seems all the signs of spring are now upon us. Wild flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are getting their leaves, my garden is coming up, and most importantly, the fish are starting to bite here on Lake Texoma. With the warmer weather the surface temperature has climbed into the 60’s in the main lake […]

StriperInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/7/2011

It is evident that March has arrived as it seems the wind is always blowing which can make fishing tough as Lake Texoma can get rough and you are limited to where you can fish but I’ve been making it work thus far. The catfishing has died down a bit as expected for March and the […]

StriperInc. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 1/8/2011

Lake Texoma Fishing Report :: Lure Bite Turning On! Winter patterns are finally setting in here on Lake Texoma. Water temperature is at 49⁰ and elevation is normal. Every year around January, the fish go through a transition as the water temperature drops into the 40’s. It seems like one day after catching limits for […]

StriperInc. Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 10/25/2010

As the water temperature on Lake Texoma continues to cool, the striper fishing keeps getting better. Due to  extreme summer temperatures this year, the fall bite has been pushed back a couple of weeks and I’m just now starting to see it really turning on. The surface temperature readings are around 72 ⁰ When the water temperature finally […]

StripersInc. Striper Fishing Report 8/3/2010

Whether it is a lack of threadfin shad, zebra muscles, lake elevation, climate, or all of the above, one thing is for sure, the fishing has never been this good this late in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, summer fishing can be great and we normally catch lots of big fish but this year is […]

Striper Inc. Striper Fishing Report 9/14/2009

Today was one of the days that you dream about all year long. It was the nastiest weather of the year, no one else in sight, and more topwater fish than you can ever imagine. My customers this morning had to cancel so I decided to go out alone because the conditions were ideal. I made it out […]