StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 7/14/2009

Summer has hit Lake Texoma. The July temperatures make for some HOT striper fishing. As of the last week of June, I have changed from fishing mainly live bait to topwater and slabs. I have found that most of the stripers working the top are on the small side, but you can catch a ton of them and catch an occasional good sized keeper. As the suns comes up later in the morning, I am off looking at the ledges and bluffs for the slab run. Once you find the fish the action is Hot and Heavy for a while then they move and so must you. The fish you catch during these runs however are good sized, alot of over 20 inch fish, and along with the hard hitting slab action makes for a fun morning of Lake Texoma striper fishing. Alot of these Hot Summer Days we have come in short of our limit. The reason being is that we are catching too many of the over 20 inch fish.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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StripersInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report

The lure fishing is on right now on Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma water temperature is at 85° and the elevation is 618.85 which is right at normal. Slabs, topwaters and cohoes are where it is at right now. Bait is not working right now and from what I’ve heard, if your not using lures, your not catching fish. There is a slab run that has been working the past few days along the bluffs and a topwater bite is happening occasionally depending on boat traffic. Most of my fish are coming off of cohoes and slabs in 25-70 ft of water. I have not been able to keep a limit in a while because it seems that all the fish are either real small or over 20” but we’re catching a lot of fish and still able to bring back a good box.

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Meeting regarding proposed Lake Texoma Striper Guide Licensing

There will be a meeting today July 1st at 4 pm at De Happy Cajun Restaurant with a representative of Congressman Ralph Hall.  The stated purpose of the meeting is to relay to the Congressman the economic impact to the Lake Texoma area if the newly proposed requirement the Coast Guard is pushing to require all Lake Texoma Striper Guides to obtain Coast Guard approved Captain Licenses.  The meeting is open to all.  If you have an interest in this proposed action you are invited to attend. 

Above information is recap from an article we saw in a local paper.

 De Happy Cajun Restaurant is located on HWY 120 appx 1 1/2 miles north of Pottsboro.


StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/10/2009

During the month of May and during this first part of June, we have had some fantastic striper fishing on Lake Texoma. The lake water is off color with surface water temperature of 69 degrees with an elevation of 622.34 feet above sea level and receding. Baitfish is once again along the banks spawning. We are using live bait, Threadfin Shad, and fishing on anchor in 45-60 feet of water.


Lake Texoma striper fishing report


Read StriperMaster's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report.


Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 6/1/2009

Well some fish hitting top water now, and catching a few with slabs, so the artificial season will be upon us very soon.   I am still using live bait, fishing the humps, and drops offs, catching good quality fish, all overs, (20 inch fish) and coming in with the best boxs, I have had in some time.  

 Cross Creek Striper Guide Service

I believe you could catch good stripers almost anywhere on Texoma.  (if you know where to be). "JD"

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Cross Creek Striper Fishing Report 5/27/2009

Have gotten a little behind with pictures and reports in May It has been incredible. Loads of fun, catching lots of fish; good large stripers, with plenty of fight.

 Cross Creek Striper Guide Service

Leaving the docks at 6:30am and sometimes back fast with 40-50- and yes 60 fish, by 8am. This does not include the number of fish caught and released, before bait runs out. Plenty of happy people, large groups, all limiting, with their promises to return soon. Names like Gabennnesch. Hoehman, Adair, McGarrah, Mechanical Paetners, Nuckols, Murphy, Prestonwood, etc. Can't get any better than this, even with the high water, and rains during the period. God is good.  "JD"

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StriperExpress 5/9/2009 Striper Fishing Report

May is always awesome fishing on Lake Texoma. Striper Express specializes in artifical lure fishing. The muddy water has pushed us way up the lake. Everyday our boats are searching for clear water. We have been catching lots of fish. If your lucky you'll find a school of stripers surfacing.

Chris found a school of big fish surfacing this week and kept 38 and released 59 up to 12 lbs.Jimmy found some on top and loaded up. Most fish are biting sassy shad jigs.


StriperExpress May 5, 2009 Fishing Report

If there is a month to pick as one of the best times to fish at Lake Texoma, you have to include May. The stripers are returning from their annual spawn and are hungry. The shad are also spawning and this makes for fantastic fishing. We are casting topwater plugs on the shallow banks and in the flooded trees early in the mornings. Take a look at the short video on our home page titled: FISH EATS FOOTLONG SHAD. Just today, Chris was rockin’ along with a dozen fish and found a school of large stripers surfacing in open water. He kept thirty-eight stripers and released another fifty-nine up to 12lbs. No Joke!! Sassy Shad jigs are deadly on these post spawn fish. Jimmy this week had a charter where four anglers caught and released almost one hundred fish up to 11lbs. The lake is on the rise after several days of rain in the Red River Valley. Our guides are finding clear water and having a blast. Now is the time to get in on some “rippin’ lips” action.

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StriperExpress February Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Striper fishing has been great this month and should continue to improve. Striped bass are holding tight to structure such as points, run-off creeks and ditches. Weather has been a rollercoaster.

Lure weight depends on wind but whites, pearl and glo seem best. March will bring out the sows on roadrunners. I love that jig fishing. Some evenings the fish have schooled up and gave us a great bite.



StriperExpress Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Fish are fat, egging up and mad. Stripers have all moved mid to up lake "north&west".  The schooling has all but ceased. This really is one of my favorite ways to fish. Roadrunners, jigs and numerous soft plastics are the weapons. Fishing structure from main lake points, humps and creeks are the battle fields. Several of these winter holes fill the day with adventure and most days produce 15-30 NICE fish. Ever see an eagle feed on the same point your fishing?  These winter stripers are stout right now ready to pull that drag.