StriperExpress Lake Texoma Fishing Report 12/21/08

Winter Fishing is where it’s at!

Few anglers know how good the fishing is in the winter. Cool water temperatures make   the fishing turn into catching.  Large stripers up to 20 lbs will move on structure like main lake points, mouths of creeks, humps and ditches. Texoma stripers are like bass on steroids. This pattern of artificial lure fishing is how I fished the first time I came to Texoma years ago. I brought my bass tackle with 12 lb test and my guide Cracker Shelby said, "go put that crappie rod back in the truck". We landed 23 stripers up to 15 lbs. Had to tell all my bass buddies…You’ve got to do this!

RoadRunner time on Texoma. This our big fish lure of choice. The one ounce white bucktail tipped with a 7 inch soft plastic worm is deadly on the fish. Sassy Shad jigs in whiteglo and chartreuse colors are always a great producer. The seagulls are always your best fish locator. Keep your eyes peeled for the birds working. The stripers drive the shad to the surface. You can position your boat in front of the birds and have multiple hook-ups. If the fish stay grouped up you can catch them till your tired.


Striper Express Lake Texoma Winter Fishing Report 12/04/2008

Fishing on Lake Texoma has been great.We are catching stripers up to 8.5 lbs. on 1 ounce chartreuse Sassy Shad jigs. The birds are our best fish locator. We are running structure routes and keeping our eyes on the birds. There’s a good sand bass mix along with the stripers. With the currrent weather forecasts and the current striper run we are expecting good striper fishing in December.

Luke Clayton Fishes Topwater with StriperExpress

Luke Clayton, Outdoors writer and Radio Personality, recently spent the day fishing with Striper Express and wrote the following column.


  Pottsboro- Lake Texoma guide Chris Carey with Striper Express eased his boat out of the protected waters of Highport Marina recently and pointed it's bow into a steady 25 mph breeze. Conditions weren't idea, at least by most schools of thought, for fishing with top water baits but Carey was exuding optimism. “We tore the stripers up yesterday, and the wind was blowing just as hard. Striped bass are saltwater transplants and they often respond to turbulent weather and waters by going on a feeding frenzy. We’ve been catching them on top waters with regularity during the first couple hours of daylight, regardless the wind. We should get our lines stretched this morning,” he added.

  Carey maneuvered the boat downwind of a small island, positioning us on the leeward side a long cast away shallow water. “Throw up into that 2 foot water and really move some water with those big Chug Bugs, the bait and stripers are in here but you’ll have to really churn the surface with those plugs to  attract their attention.” says Carey.  The strong wind pushing the water onto the shallows gave the appearance of a rip tide with a strong current. We began throwing hard, placing the baits as closely as possible to the bank.  I noted a blue heron setting on the bank, occasionally stabbing it’s beak into the water, occasionally snagging a shad, just about the size of our top water plug.  My confidence level was building; baitfish were obviously here. Our plugs perfectly matched the size of the shad the bird was feeding on and… Carey was here the day before under similar conditions and the stripers were aggressive.

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StriperExpress Lake Texoma Fishing News

Terry Glenn #83 of the Dallas Cowboys booked a fishing charter with us in May. Everyone at Striper Express are big Cowboy fans. Terry brought his family with him, his lovely wife and their three great kids. I can’t leave out Banks, Terry’s friend from college days. We get a kick out of all jocks, they are always the most competitive anglers. While Terry and Banks were trading places on who was catching more and bigger fish, Terry’s five year old daughter was setting the bar on fishability. Later on, Terry made a long cast and a eleven pound striper attacked his jig. The fish made a long run, it was stripping line and the drag was screaming. Terry finally turned the big fish and what a great fight! What a way to finish off the day.

They ended up catching over fifty fish. After twenty five years, we have met a lot of great people in our fishing business. We have been able to build wonderful relationships and watch the kids grow up. Terry has a feeling for people and family along with a passion for the outdoors. He’s our kind of people and our bond is beautiful Lake Texoma.

Fishing from Little Mineral Marina

Jerry Dorsey's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service,
StriperFish’s Jerry "JD" Dorsey fishes out of Little Mineral Marina and reports that the fishing throughout August was very good. It finished up with big fish slowing, and lots of top water action. Lately he has gone back to live bait, and although it has not been fast and furious, limits of good fish have been caught at a steady pace while on anchor. . The fish are moving back north, and entails a little longer rides to find them. Check him out at

Early Summer Fishing is getting HOT!

Striper Master’s Doug Keeter, fishes out of Hiport Marina and has been bringing in happy customers with limits of good sized Lake Texoma stripers. If you are looking for a knowledgeable guide who loves to share his knowledge of fishing.  Check him out at
Doug Keeter's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service, Doug Keeter's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service,
Striper Galore’s Jay "Action" Jackson, fishes out of Little Mineral Marina and has been bringing in happy customers who have caught their limits of good sized texoma stripers. Jay is a knowledgeable guide who you’ll have a blast fishing with. Check him out at
Jay Jackson's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service, Jay Jackson's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service,
StriperFish’s Jerry "JD" Dorsey, fishes out of The Lighthouse Marina and customers have gone home with limited out and ready fro the big holiday weekend Fish Fry. JD has been fishing Lake Texoma for several years and know the lake like the back of his hand. Check him out at
Jerry Dorsey's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service, Jerry Dorsey's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service,
Tinker’s Striper Guide Service fishes out of his private boathouses on the Little Mineral arm of Lake Texoma. Tinker has been a fixture on the lake for 20+ years. He has lodging available and guides who will put you on the fish. Check him out at
Tinker's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service, Jerry Dorsey's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Guide Service,

John Brett’s Texas Sport Striper Fishing

John Bretts Texas Sport Striper Fishing

Fish Lake Texoma with Captain John Brett in a 22′ Century Center Console Boat equipped with a Yamaha Saltwater 150 hp Outboardfor an experience of a lifetime

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, you’ll enjoy the strength of the stripers and the beauty of Lake Texoma, considered the best striper lake in the nation.

With over 40 years experience fishing for striper in both salt and freshwater, Captain John Brett has caught thousands of large fish including a 67 pound striper.

Capt. John provides quality fishing tackle. This includes live bait and artificial lures. When you come to fish Lake Texoma, you need NO fishing equipment. He also provides all coast guard required equipment including life jackets along with unparralled service and instruction for anglers of all levels of experience.  

For more information check out his site at