Booking a Striper Fishing Guide

We have revisited this topic once every couple of years as we continue to receive email fisherman who don’t think they were treated fairly by the guide they booked for a Striper fishing trip on Lake Texoma. The biggest issue is centered around the use of phrases of terms “Guaranteed Catch”, “Catch fish or your money back.

Do a Web Search for Lake Texoma Striper Guide and you will find results in the Sponsored links section.

Doing a search on on the web on either Google or Yahoo using differently phrased inquiries looking for a Lake Texoma striper fishing guide and then look at the Sponsored Links you will find more phrases such as:
* “Guaranties fish or your next trip is free”
* “Guaranteed Catch”
* “Catch fish or your money back”
* “We catch fish. Guaranteed”

Before you book a trip ensure you are getting what you understand exactly what the terms of your booking and you will receive to make sure you have a fun fulled day fishing. Be sure to ask questions such as “What does Guarantee to catch Fish” mean.

Not to say that the guides using these sales pitches aren’t very good guides and that you won’t catch fish, most are excellent guides, but…. understand that fish is used as the singular and plural tenses, ie.. “Wooohooo, I caught a fish.”, “We had fun and caught a box full of fish”.

We have been told of of guides who on bad fishing days, holding customers to the guarantee once they caught “ONE” fish.

We also know of some guides that are true to their word and will take you out another time if fishing is so bad you spend 5-6 hours and only catch a one or a couple fish. Some guides also will re-fish you at a reduced price.

Also be sure to ask about the time you are allotted to fish. Most guides specify this on their web sites and will tell you if asked. Ask what happens should you catch your limit in an hour and you would like to fish some more. Some will whisk you immediately back to the marina, others will take you catfishing, etc. Once you have caught your limit of stripers most won’t let you keep fishing for them, but there can be alternatives.

Another area to ask is if you will be fishing with the advertised guide. Some guides are multi-guide operations and will publish who their guides are. Others are one man operations and the guide on the site is the one you will be fishing with, however there are some who use part time guides as fill ins. The part time guides may or may not have an excellent knowledge of the lake. We have heard many stories of part time guides who don’t really care how the trip goes as they are not the one you are paying and they figure they will never see you again anyways, The point we are trying to stress is that you should know who you are paying to fish with and not be blind sided at the dock.

Take your time and look at several of the guide’s web sites , don’t be afraid to go 2-3 pages deep in the search (the above term resulted in “about 25,000 results”). There are numerous guides that don’t do the Sponsored Link program that are excellent guides but for one reason or another choose not to advertise as a Sponsored Link. Make calls or email the guides. They will be happy to talk to you about their services.

Remember you are the customer and as any other purchase you make, know what you are getting before you get in the boat.

If you would like a referral to a guide we would pay to go fishing with, email us at and we will help you get your trip booked.

Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 12/28/2012

Lake Texoma striper fishing the past several weeks hasn’t changed a whole lot. Lots of hungry stripers still staged in the 40-60 ft. of water. Seagulls are working in several different areas and producing nice boxes of stripers on our morning and afternoon trips. Lake Texoma elevation is 611.85 and water temperature is 52 degrees.

Most of the trips I’ve had the past few weeks I’ve fished live bait with a little lure fishing in between. I’ve had days where you can sit on anchor and the stripers will feed until you move or simply run thru all the bait. Other days they seem to be working the deeper water ledges and you basically have to chase them down catch a few and repeat the process.

Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

With the current cold snap, I would have to say the month of January will by far be one of the best months for larger stripers on Lake Texoma. As healthy as our stripers were coming out of the hot summer months I think we are going to see some really good Lake Texoma stripers this winter.

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a joyous Holiday Season. With the holidays upon us, find yourself a little time to come out and experience Beautiful Lake Texoma.

Have a Happy New Year. Stay safe and enjoy some great fishing on Lake Texoma.

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 11/13/12

This past October was another great month for Lake Texoma striper fishing. We had our yearly Great White Hunt with Entech on the October 13th. We had 174 fisherman, 36 guides our catering service for the fish fry not to mention a lot of great help. Thanks to everyone that participated.

Entech Striper Fishing Tournament

As we move into the middle of November our striper fishing is outstanding.Lake elevation is 612.97 and water temperature is 66 degrees. The sea gulls have moved in by the thousands which helps to locate the feeding stripers. I’m still fishing mainly live bait and fishing the shallow flats drifting or anchor fishing the river channel ledges in 40-55 ft. of water.

Morning and afternoon trips we’ve had very good action and starting to see some larger stripers. As far as lure fishing the ghost minnow slabs, sassy shad, cojo minnow and topwater has all worked well fishing with the sea gulls.

Entech Striper Fishing Tournament

It’s a great time to fish Lake Texoma with the stripers feeding heavily,cooler temperatures and beautiful fall color it makes for a great day. Don’t get too caught up in the action. Make sure to measure your stripers as we are starting to see a lot of fish in the 20” range.

Our Lake Texoma limit is 10 stripers 2 over 20” inches your other 8 have to be under 20”. Be safe and come out to enjoy Beautiful Lake Texoma

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 10/3/2012

Lake Texoma lake elevation is 613.94 and water temperature is 74-78 degrees. Lake Texoma striper fishing has been pretty consistent. Although we are not seeing the large schools working the surface there is an occasional early topwater bite working shallow flats and points. After that its live bait time fishing working ledges from 25-44 ft of water.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

Some days I’m able to keep the stripers under the boat for the fast and furious action, others I have to lay several anchors following them as they roam the ledges.With the cooler water temperature we are seeing more of our better fish showing up.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

October and November are two of my favorite months to fish. With the cooler weather,fall color and a little less boating traffic and of course big stripers it’s a great time to fish.Hope to see ya out here at Beautiful Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

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Lake Texoma is Open for Business

Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum will address the media at a news conference on Wednesday, February 1, at 10 a.m. at the Grayson County Courthouse in the east courtroom located on the second floor. He is scheduled to provide recent test results on the decline in levels of blue-green algae in Lake Texoma.
Joining Bynum will be John Teel, Grayson County Health Department Director, and others who will deliver brief remarks and respond to questions.

“We want to share some good news with the public,” Bynum said. “We’ve enjoyed some significant rainfall which has raised the water level at Lake Texoma. Blue-green algae levels have significantly improved and Lake Texoma is open for business!”

Despite higher than normal indications of blue-green algae cell counts last summer, the latest data from January 11th indicated improvement in several reporting stations and no stations reported areas that would prohibit water contact.

The Grayson County Health Department reported no incidences of anyone becoming ill from exposure to Lake Texoma water even when the algae levels were at their highest; data that prompted advisories from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. “We believe the lake is safe for water activities, fishing is great, marinas and businesses are open,” Bynum continued.

According to Bynum, some people became overly alarmed by the media reports. He said that even members of the scientific community often agree that the data can be
subjective and that there are no readily available clear definitions of what the advisories mean for the public.

“The fact is, the sky is not falling!” Bynum said.

According to a fact sheet distributed by the Lake Texoma Association, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is a naturally occurring algae that thrives in waters with little inflow and high temperatures, such as Lake Texoma experienced last summer. The information also states that the organism is a natural part of a water-based eco-system found in almost every aquatic habitat on earth.
Business owners around the lake are eager to welcome visitors back to Lake Texoma. The economic impact from last summer’s media focus on the presence of blue-green algae was significant after some people elected to postpone their lake vacation plans.

“The Grayson County Health Department desires to provide Lake Texoma patrons with the latest scientifically valid information,” said John Teel, Grayson County Health Department Director. “We believe that at current levels, any health risk from contact with Lake Texoma water is low to very low, but worthy of long-term monitoring.”

The public is invited to attend the news conference. For more information on Lake Texoma conditions visit the Corps of Engineers website at or the news conference, call Marsha Coleman at 903-462-7803 or Michael Tucker at 405-831-5866.

Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 11/11/2011

With the high temperatures and the blue/green algae problem, September was not a very good month for us on Lake Texoma. As we moved into October the fishing really picked up. We started the first Saturday in October with our yearly Great White Hunt Trip. We had 160 anglers,3 6 guides, a catering service for the fish fry and alot of great help. Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a huge success. Our Lake Texoma water temperature is 67 degrees lake elevation is 609.85 (7.33 low).

Lake Texoma striper fishing report

Read StriperMaster's Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report.


Blue-Green Algae Warning Prohibits Swimming in Lake Texoma

Last Friday The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Tulsa District issued an advisory for all of Lake Texoma for Blue-green algae.

The Corps of Engineers’ Press release states. “TULSA– In order to provide members of the public the latest information available so that so that they are able to make informed decisions, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District, has once again updated the blue-green algae matrix. (The latest version is incorporated in this document.) The Treasure Island portion of Lake Texoma west to the mouth of the Red River including Buncombe Creek and Big Mineral Arms is now under a WARNING and water contact is prohibited. Corps? recreation areas included in the WARNING area include Caney Creek, Buncombe Creek, and Juniper Point. The parks are still open to camping, however, at the WARNING level, harmful algae have been found to be present, and the water is considered unsafe for people and pets. Also, Lake Texoma is now under lake-wide blue – green algae ADIVSORY. At the ADVISORY level, water contact is discouraged and water may be unsafe for people and pets.

Blue-green algae are naturally present in Tulsa District lakes at low concentrations, however, during hot and dry conditions, nuisance blue-green algae blooms can occur and these blooms can create unwanted risks associated with swimming and wading at recreational areas. A blue-green algae bloom can occur in any lake at any time if the conditions are right.

Fish caught in the lake are ok to eat and anglers should rinse their catch with clean water before handling and eat only the fillets.

Yesterday the Corps of Engineers expanded the warning. ALL of Lake Texoma is now under a blue-green algae WARNING, and water contact is PROHIBITED. At the WARNING level, harmful algae are present, and the water is considered unsafe for people and pets.

For more information and to keep updated visit the
Corps of Engineers’ website

A Series of Events?

A Series of Events?  While trying to pull anchor the rope gets caught in the lower unit?  The guide not wanting to lose the anchor decides to go swimming and unhook the rope?  Said guide can not get back in the boat after getting the anchor cut loose?  The four guys in the boat all get to one corner in the back of the boat to help get guide back in the boat?  At this unfortunate time a big wave hits the boat at the wrong angle overtaking said boat?  Said boat flips and starts going under?  Captain gets Charter tethered together watch the boat go under and the group wait to be rescued?

Just one series of events we overheard at a local watering hole last evening?  

Update on Striper Guide boat sinking

Well we just got home from one of the popular watering holes on Lake Texoma and found out more information.   From the info we recieved tonight, Kudos should go out to Mr. McCullough.  Once he knew the boat was in trouble he did not panic and was able to get his charter into their vests, tethered together where they could stay as a group and rode out the rough conditions for over an hour until they were spotted and plucked from the water.  We commend Mr McCullough for his actions.

There are still much speculation as to the "series of events" issue with several theories being bandied about.  When we learn more we will report what we discover.

A fund has been set up on the Six Old Geezers board to help out Mr. McCullough. If you would like to help out go to