Chartered Striper Trip on Lake Texoma ends with boat sinking

Thankfully what could have resulted in tragic consequences was averted with help from other guides on Lake Texoma.  StriperGuideFishing has learned that yesterday Wayne McCullough, an Oklahoma guide who fishes mainly of out of Catfish Bay and Alberta Creek, was fishing off Washita Point with four customers.  The conditions on Lake Texoma were rough, winds in the 20-25 mph range with gusts higher and 3 to 4 foot waves.  From what we have heard, Mr. McCullough was anchored when a large wave broke over the bow of the boat and swamped and sunk it. The charter and guide all went into the water but fortunately the life jackets were readily accessible and all were able to vest up.  The folks were rescued by other boats nearby and from our info all are doing fine.  Wayne's boat was lost and all that was salvaged were two chairs and his bait tank. 

Wayne states on this web site that he "fishes year-round, weather permitting in my boat 1999 22’4” Red Fin with a 2003 Yamaha 225 HP motor that handles Lake Texoma real well. It's equipped with several fish finders, GPS, VHF radio and trolling motor to go along with the necessary safety equipment."  As of today his website has been taken down.

Safety should is your number one concern when out on Lake Texoma.  If you are going out in your boat make sure you have plenty of high quality life vests.  A vest that can save your life is something you don't want to skimp on.   Also make sure you have a horn or whistle you can use as a distress signal should the need arise.  If you are chartering a trip with a guide on, ask up front about the condition of his boat, what safety equipment he has on board and his safety record.  As the guides on Lake Texoma are now required to be licensed and go through Coast Guard Safety classes all the above should be readily provided.

The weather on Lake Texoma also should not be taken lightly.  The lake gets very rough with high waves during windy conditions.  It can get rough in a hurry so be sure to keep aware of the what the weather is doing.

Remember, SAFETY FIRST and then you will be able to come back to have another fun day enjoying the beauty of Lake Texoma. 


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