Cross Creek April 7th Fishing Report

Well for three from Nebraska, who spent more time waiting for the rain to stop, just to be faced with poor results; for the two who spent two days, long lining, in coves to escape the high winds; to the 5 who went with me in the worse waves I have seen in some time; to the four from nearby, who fought the fog with me, just to hide in a cove to escape boats running too fast in the fog; I ask you to return for a free day, even tho I worked hard, and stayed long, but still feel this is the best fishing hole in the country.  April 5, it all came together, as four arrived to beautiful weather, fish biting bait, and limiting on some small, and some large 7-8 pounders fish.   I just love fishermen, as they all like being on the water, accepting the results, and understand its not all about just catching fish. 

Lake Texoma stripers


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