Cross Creek Guide Fishing Report

Well here I am with JoLean sitting in a booth at Claremore Oklahoma, at a fishing/hunting show, advertising my business, wishing my ole buddies would call and book a fishing trip where I wouldn't have to go out and work so hard.   I have sat here for an hour and handed out 1 broshure, so guess these okies dont fish much.   There is no doubt I have lots of dates open, since a lot of my fishing friends thought I was done for after last fall….and I do mean fall.   But I am back, better than ever, working out with weights, doing 12 oz curls, well right now for instance.   I hope each of you are doing well, and getting plans together for that big time out on the water, with the #1 fishing guide at Texoma.   just has a good sound about it, dont it?    Let get that group together and go fishing, as I have bought a new house, and need the money!  Free lodging if you book within the next two weeks.   Give me a call…….JD

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