Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/9/2010

There wont be a lot of news during the winter months, as most guides do not fish in the extreme cold here at Lake Texoma.    Today it is 12 degrees, minus 10 degrees wind child, so not a good day to be on the lake.   My last trip last Wednesday, the fishing was skimpy, as fish were as sluggish as the live bait.   I used Flukes and live bait, and had to work to get anything, although the six I fished this day, were avid fishermen from Alaska, and weathered the lake, much better than this ole senior.    We went out of highport, west, where we found lots of fish, but few that active.   We tried lot of methods, but did not get our limit, but all-in-all we had a very fun time, pulling a few stripers and white bass. 


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