Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report

Can't believe last fishing report, as things are as good as they get right now.    Does not get any better.     Last several trips have been a blast with weather beautiful, and limits regardless of the number of people aboard, quick, with good fish.  

Cross Creek Striper Guide Service on Lake Texoma

It is a steady bite, using all the bait (shad) since it is a little hard to come by this time of the year.    I am up at 2a, throwing a cast net, under the lights, and off the bank, to come up with 150 baits for a trip.   I put a lot in a large storage tank last week, and someone helped themself to them, and I ended up a little short for that trip, but managed just the same.    Also if customers dont show up at designated time, my time starts when I tell you to be there, not when you show up, it hurts to get out late at times.  Please be on time.   Lodging is hard to come by during the busy season so get your lodging set promptly.   Catfishing on jugs to start next month, when you can catch lots of really big catfish.  "JD"