Global Positioning Satellite Coordinates

How would you like to go straight
to the Big Silversides
every time you go fishing?
With Tinker’s favorite GPS
Coordinates you can!!!

The list of GPS coordinates has been compiled over the last 6 years. I have successfully made a living as a fishing guide since 1980 and now I will
share my experience with you. Since the GPS has become available and very
popular with the public, you can enjoy fishing Lake Texoma with GPS locations
that are much moreaccurate than your basic fishing report.
The list contains ninety of the most popular striper fishing holes on Lake Texoma.

Proven and consistent feeding locations are hard to locate.

Each spot has a name, the general area on the lake where it is located, the exact
GPS coordinates, depth of water, characteristics of the spot, fishing tips and the
months of the year the spot normally produces the best. I will be adding more as
I find spots that produce stripers as good as these ninety do.

ORDER a random selection of 10 GPS fishing locations for only $9.95.
This random selection lists have coordinates from several areas of the lake.

ORDER all 90 GPS locations for $69.95.

This complete list is sorted by the geographic area
of the lake in which they are located.

Order all 90 GPS locations and get new location updates
in groups of 10 as they come available for $7.95 each.

You can pay using money order, check, credit card or Pay Pal.
After payment is received you will be sent the printed list within 10 days.
If you pay by check, it has to clear the bank before the list is sent.

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  1. I purchased htis a year ago and it has been well worth the money. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about catching stripers.

  2. I bought the full list a little over a month ago. I have been fishing 4 times since buying it and have caught 3 limits and a lot of big stripers. In my opinion it is mlore than worth the cost.

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