Guaranteed Fish

A question was recently sent to us regarding the use of the sales pitch used by some of Lake Texoma striper guides guaranteeing that you will catch Fish.  Do a search on Google for "Lake Texoma striper fishing guide" and then look at the Sponsored Links and visit their web sites you will often find phrases such as:
*   "Guaranties fish or your next trip is free"
*   "Guaranteed Catch"
*   "Catch fish or your money back"
*   "We catch fish. Guaranteed"

Before you book a trip ensure you are getting what you want to have a fun fulled day fishing.  Ask questions such as "What does Guarantee to catch Fish" mean. 

Not to say that these guides aren't very good guides and that you won't catch fish, but….. fish is used as the singular and plural tenses. "Yooohooo, I caught a fish.",  "We caught a box full of fish". 

We have heard reports of guides on bad fishing days, holding customers to the guarantee once they caught "ONE" fish. 

We also know of some guides that are true to their word and will take you out another time if fishing is so bad you spend 5-6 hours to catch 3-4 fish.  Some guides also will refish you for a reduced price.

Another area to ask about is the time you are allotted to fish.  Most guides specify this on their web sites and will tell you if asked.  Ask what happens should you catch your limit in an hour and you would like to fish some more.  Some will wisk you immediately back to the marina, others will take you catfishing, etc.  Once you have caught your limit of stripers you can't keep fishing for them, but there are alternatives.  

Take your time and look at several of the guide's web sites , don't be afraid to go 2-3  pages deep in the search.  There are numerous guides that don't do the Sponsored Link program that are excellent guides but for one reason or another choose not to advertise as a Sponsored Link

Remember you are the customer and as any other purchase you make, know what you are getting before you get in the boat.

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