Lake Texoma Fishing Report – Memorial Day Weekend

Needless to say the fishing has been just as awesome as expected for this time of year. It is as fast as you can drop your bait in the water and limits are coming in on average of about an hour leaving plenty of time to catch and release, cat fish, or look for bigger fish. We are forecasted to have our first 100° weather here in the first week in June. I can’t believe just 2 months ago in the first week in April we still had snow on the ground. With the water temperature rising, the big fish are starting to venture out into the deeper water. Most of my fish are coming in 50-60 ft. but I’m sometimes still finding the bigger fish in the 35-40ft range, but not always. Live bait is still the ticket and should remain so until the beginning of July. Most importantly, if you’re not beating the water, you’re not catching fish.

I took most of Memorial Day weekend off with the exception of Friday morning and Saturday morning. Fishing was still good and it wasn’t as crowed out there as I was expecting. It was nice to finally take a couple of days off to relax a little. Wednesday I was right back after it and the fishing just picked right back up where I had left off.


Lake Texoma Striper fishing


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