Luke Clayton Fishes Topwater with StriperExpress

Luke Clayton, Outdoors writer and Radio Personality, recently spent the day fishing with Striper Express and wrote the following column.


  Pottsboro- Lake Texoma guide Chris Carey with Striper Express eased his boat out of the protected waters of Highport Marina recently and pointed it's bow into a steady 25 mph breeze. Conditions weren't idea, at least by most schools of thought, for fishing with top water baits but Carey was exuding optimism. “We tore the stripers up yesterday, and the wind was blowing just as hard. Striped bass are saltwater transplants and they often respond to turbulent weather and waters by going on a feeding frenzy. We’ve been catching them on top waters with regularity during the first couple hours of daylight, regardless the wind. We should get our lines stretched this morning,” he added.

  Carey maneuvered the boat downwind of a small island, positioning us on the leeward side a long cast away shallow water. “Throw up into that 2 foot water and really move some water with those big Chug Bugs, the bait and stripers are in here but you’ll have to really churn the surface with those plugs to  attract their attention.” says Carey.  The strong wind pushing the water onto the shallows gave the appearance of a rip tide with a strong current. We began throwing hard, placing the baits as closely as possible to the bank.  I noted a blue heron setting on the bank, occasionally stabbing it’s beak into the water, occasionally snagging a shad, just about the size of our top water plug.  My confidence level was building; baitfish were obviously here. Our plugs perfectly matched the size of the shad the bird was feeding on and… Carey was here the day before under similar conditions and the stripers were aggressive.

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