One great morning in a Paradise known as Lake Texoma

Tuesday 5:50 am, who in the heck is calling me.  Oh yeah I made a date to go fishing with Doug Keeter of StriperMaster Guide Service and his wife Deana. Answer the phone before the wife wakes up.  Hello, Yes I'm awake (I think)..  Get up and try to find the refrigerator to grab a Pepsi.  Ahhhhh the senses are coming around.  Being a webmaster one tends to work when others are tucked in enjoying the darkness behind their eyelids.  Get the clothes on, gather my stuff, throw another Pepsi and a couple of Lipton Green Teas into the cooler and head to meet Doug and Deana. 

The morning air at Highport Marina on Lake Texoma is intoxicating.  I remember why I moved here in the first place some 25 or so years ago.  Doug has the boat ready and off we go.  Idling out of the marina the only others stirring are the ducks who slowly move out of the way as we glide thru the still waters of Highport Marina.

Heading north from the marina we spot surfacing stripers along the bank just before the first cove north of Highport.  They are small ones but Doug finds a moving school at the mouth of the cove.  Drop the Loren’s slab to the bottom, start cranking the reel and BAM, the tip of rod is almost in the water.  I haul in a healthy 22 inch striper, Doug has one on his rod, another over 20 incher.  I catch an 18 incher and then they are gone. Doug scans the cove with no luck so we head north.  

We find them out of Soldier's Creek.  BAM, another over 20 incher.  We catch a few, more boats show up, move and find the fast moving schools, catch a few, razz Deana for missing one, move, catch a few more, razz Deana for not catching one, move, get razzed by Deana who has caught 2 or 3 while we are cranking the reel and not catching one, repeat the cycle.  Soon we have a limit of Lake Texoma stripers in the cooler.  Only 9:30 in the am.    With my T-shirt off enjoying the morning sun I contemplate that I am not usually up yet, hmmm need to fix that.  We decide to have some more fun and catch and release.  We do so for about an hour and as the sun starts getting rather warm and the wind starts to pick up we head back to the marina to be greeted by the ducks as we glide to the dock. 

One great morning in a Paradise known as Lake Texoma.

If you think you would like some of this fun, contact Doug.  His contact info is on his web site



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