Cross Creek Fishing Report

Big fish slowing down some.   Had a lot of fun with a group from Amarillo.   Caught a couple nice ones Sunday, but Saturday was a tough one, rough water, but my big Triton with 6 fishermen, fought it out, and quit definitely short of a limit.    Raining today, Monday, so fishing is going to get fast and furious soon.   Fish full of eggs and sperm, so with the completion of spawn, get ready for some fast action.    Good Fishing….."JD"


Catch and Release Kills Stripers

There has been a low buzz heard around the lake recently regarding an article posted on a local web site regarding a study conducted at the Texas Tech Department of Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management. 

The study was undertaken to determine the mortality rates of striped bass that were caught and subsequently released and concluded that "Regardless of bait type, 29 percent of striped bass caught and released died within three days. But compared between bait types, it was higher for fish caught on live baits, 42 percent. For artificial baits mortality was a much lower 25 percent."

While we are in no way implying that we are an authority on the subject, we have done some research to give you some ideas of the opinions on both sides of this issue.  We researched the actual article, research some on the same issue in Maryland and pro and con debates from several other sources.

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StriperMaster Fishing Report 3/23/2007

   Spring Break week has been very busy. I have fished every day with including a couple of 2 trip days.  As the water is starting to warm the fishing is really heating up.

  Think about taking your children fishing. Get them involved in a true family fun experience. Remember that age is not a criteria for having fun catching good looking Lake Texoma stripers.

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StriperMaster Fishing Report 3/15/2007

 The fishing on Lake Texoma the past week started fair but has moved to the good rating as it has definitely started to pick up. I am still using live bait and making long drifts in 30 feet of water. The best fishing is still west of Highport Marina and still in the afternoon. The warming of the water combined with the weather changes these past few days has made the fish more active.

good looking lake texoma stripers

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Cross Creek Fishing Report

March 10th…..Had a good good day, with big fish… Granddaughter got her a wall mounter….March 11th, Curtis, Clint, Jack caught a good bunch of fish, and we celebrated Clint being home from the Academy, and a break from Rugby play.   March 11th and 12th, found father and son, The Waltons, Tom and Joe spending quality time fishing at Lake Texoma.    They got their limit both days; with the fog, (3/12) and big fish, keeping them on the water, til I found the smaller fish.   They got several big fish, with 2 eight pounders, and a 10.   Still long lining…….JD

Cross Creek Striper Guide Service Fishing Report

Fished March 8th and it was a tough day, depending on how you looked at it.   Two people caught ten fish, but four of them ranged between 8 to 10 pounds.    The other were decent fish, just short of 20 inches.  (fat)  We had to work for them, long lining, as bait not that productive….Raining today, the 9th, so it should turn on the fish.   Sending a picture, showing Spring is here, and so is the "Fishing Fever"……Call for that charter, as I have lots of good days still open, and season is upon us!……"Let the games begin!……JD

Cross Creek Striper Guide Service

StriperMaster Fishing Report 3/8/2007

  Look for a change in the weather this coming weekend. The forecasters are saying the rain is on the way. 20% chance Friday and Saturday raising to a 40% chance of the wet stuff Sunday.


Lake Texoma Striper

  Spring Break is starting next week. The rainy forecast for the weekend turns into nice warm spring days in the 60-70's for next week. Remember a day fishing on beautiful Lake Texoma makes for a great day off.

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