Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 04/22/2010

Lake Texoma water temp is 64-70 degrees and lake elevation is 614.48 feet above sea level. The first part of April, Lake Texoma striper fishing has seen steady improvement. We're still using live bait drift fishing the 15-25 ft depth. The size of the fish has improved from the smaller males to the 16-19" good keepers and your over 20" stripers as well. Just about everywhere I've fished I am finding alot of stripers holding on the flats in 20 ft and less water.

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Coast Guard Clarifies Lake Texoma Policy

For over a year, Striper Guides on Lake Texoma have been scrambling trying to meet the demands of the Coast Guard's requirement that they be required to have a Uninspected Vessel Captain's license.  The license in question pertains to navigable waters such as the major rivers and coastal waters.  Guides are being required to spend several thousand dollars to meet requirements that in most cases do not really pertain to Lake Texoma.  On March 24, 2010 the Coast Guard met with Senator Inhofe.  A letter was written providing clarification of the Coast Guard's intentions regarding the licensing and enforcement activities on Lake Texoma.

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 3/10/2010

It has been about two weeks since my last Lake Texoma fishing report and with the warmer weather we have seen a few changes on the lake. Water temperature is 43-49 degrees, lake elevation is 616.19 and water is off color. We are mainly fishing west of the Highport marina, working ledges and humps in the 30-45 ft water.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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StriperFish Lake Texoma Fishing Report

March 2. 2010:  Putting the fishing shows behind me, I took an ole friend from my home town, out on a little seek and find fishing trip, since we finally had a pretty day. It was a lot of seek since I had not been out in some time, but finally nailed down one of my ole fishing holes, and let him see how good he was at bringing in the "big one". He needed a lot of practice since he fishes out of Greenbelt Lake, but he finally got the hang of it again, and brought in some nice ones. It looks like the Spring Break coming up, will find Lake Texoma ready for the kids, and I am glad since I fish 20 of them in a couple weeks. I am posting a few pictures of yesterday, asking that if you have a free day or two, give me a hollar and lets go fishing , not hunting.

March 4. 2010:  same report, biggest this time to 12 lbs. Great fish, Great Day.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing with croiss Creek Guide Service

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Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 2/20/2010

Lake Texoma water temp is 40-43 degrees, lake elevation is 617.88. Due to the crazy weather we have had this winter it has been a challenge just to keep some of my trips booked. Although when were able to get our trips in the lake texoma striper fishing has been pretty good.The cold overcast days have worked out well.

Lake Texoma striper fishing with

The sunny days with very little wind I will admit have been tougher for me. Bait on the west side of the lake is the real challenge. From Highport Marina and to the west is pretty muddy water due to the rain and snow. I have mainly fished the stained water from Mill Creek back to the north working  the 45-60 foot water.


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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 2/8/2010

Catching some nice stripers, biggest to 16 lbs. Fish healthy, and good fighters. Although it is cold and rainy, the fish don't seem to care. We are having to go some distance to get to the fish, so need to wear rain gear, and dress warm. I will be putting out my catfish jugs the first or March, so will check them in conjunction to my striper trips, costing a little more for the jugs.  I have a couple shows, one in Wichita, and one in OKC, so if you get a chance, swing by and say hello.  I also wanted to mention that I am trying to organize a free guide trip for our soldiers, in mid November, who have recently returned from Afghanistan .  For more info visit


Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/17/2009

January is normally a month when striper fishing is not on the top of your list of things to do. We do have a select group of fishermen that wouldn't miss a chance at some big stripers in the winter. Boy, we have located some big stripers! Yesterday, we had 6 anglers in 2 boats that had a day to remember. They boarded at 11 am with adrenalin pumping. The first fish of the trip attacked the Road Runner jig and started stripping line, after a 5 minute fight we landed the 16lb. striper. What a way to start!

Five hours later, both boats had caught a total of 63 stripers up to 23.5lbs. The winter fishing is legendary on Lake Texoma.We released 6 fish from 14 to 16 lbs. Striper Express specializes in artificial lure fishing. We have a wonderful lake to back us up, and is chock full of striped bass. We sell "the thrill of the hunt!" If you like to bass fish this is an adventure not to be missed. We often compare it to bass on steroids!

We caught all the fish on RoadRunner 1oz.jigs, Moe's Dead Assassins and Shad Sticks from We are fishing main lake points and are slow rolling the jigs close to the bottom. A good tip is, If you think your reeling to slow…slow down. These trophies are rogue fish and tend to be in small groups. Like big bucks that don't run with the pack. These "pigs" produce vicious strikes and line stripping fights!


Tanglewood Resort Guide Service

StriperGuideFishing,com has learned that StriperMaster Guide Service has been awarded the contract to be the exclusive fishing guide service for Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center on Lake Texoma.

Tanglewood Resort and Conference Center is located just one hour north of the heart of Dallas, Texas. 

Tanglewood resort and Conference center 

Tanglewood Resort sits on the wooded shoreline of Lake Texoma and offers conference facilities, a resort hotel, 18-hole championship golf course, full service Tranquility spa, and near limitless amenities, allowing you a sanctuary from life's hectic pace.

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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/9/2010

There wont be a lot of news during the winter months, as most guides do not fish in the extreme cold here at Lake Texoma.    Today it is 12 degrees, minus 10 degrees wind child, so not a good day to be on the lake.   My last trip last Wednesday, the fishing was skimpy, as fish were as sluggish as the live bait.   I used Flukes and live bait, and had to work to get anything, although the six I fished this day, were avid fishermen from Alaska, and weathered the lake, much better than this ole senior.    We went out of highport, west, where we found lots of fish, but few that active.   We tried lot of methods, but did not get our limit, but all-in-all we had a very fun time, pulling a few stripers and white bass. 


Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 12/24/2009

Greetings everyone from Lake Texoma and Striper Express Guide Service.

All these cold nights have cooled the lake and it is jig fishing at it's finest most days. Been some real nice stripers caught this last week. Small fish are not with these schools at all. It's a great time of year for the big fish.

A soft bait on a jighead been my weapon of choice plus a few roadrunners and buck-hair jigs. The fish are really moving up the rivers as of late. North of 70 and west of 377 are the areas to target but there are still plenty of fish mid-lake so don't overlook it. No live bait needed. Gulls are helping on some days but fish are on structure and points. 

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