StriperExpress Striper Fishing Report 11/3/2009

  November fishing on Lake Texoma is a prime time to go striper fishing. Huge schools of striped bass are roaming the lake. Some of the fish will tip the scales at 15+ lbs. Thousands of seagulls are on the lake for the fall and winter. The water has cooled down and you can go fishing anytime of the day. Sassy Shad jigs are the baits of choice. You can use a 1-ounce jig head with a 4-inch whiteglo or chartreuse soft plastic tail. You need a good pair of binoculars to locate the different schools of fish that the birds are “working”. Your favorite fishing hotspots are the North Island area, west to the Willis Bridge.  

Your fishing adventure awaits you with Striper Express. Now through the end of the year is considered the best fishing of the year. This is perfect for company trips, your family and friends.  You can purchase gift certificates for any occasion.

Tight Lines.
Bill & Chris Carey

Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 10/24/2009

Beautiful fall days!.    (23rd)   Fished large group out Grandpappy, limiting early with mixed large, small fish..   Evening trip 8 cats on jugs, largest to 22 lbs.    Next morning, limited early, with big fish coming back with water temps coming down.    Another big catfish,  ending with a great mess of fish for this group from Dallas.    Lets go fishing………I mean catching……"J.D."


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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Fishing Report 10/21/2009

Fishing has been very good, with lots of trips ending with lots of fish but stripers on the small size, with the big fish skinny. I have had lots of request for catfish juglines harvesting lots of big fish. Weather has been rainy & cool, but good.  


Last Sunday, we got a 46.9 lb. blue along with 21, 17, 12lbers., etc. Good thing Lionel and his crew helped me clean them or we would have been cleaning all night. They and other groups, Chilli and Son from OKC, are coming back for more next month….."J.D."


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StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 10/13/2009

With the cooler the Lake Texoma water temperature has been steadily dropping. These conditions have perked the stripers up and made for easy pickings. Out of the past two weeks I have fished all but one day and have had great results each day. We have seen some good looking limits of Lake Texoma stripers on these trips.

Lake Texoma striper fishing report


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Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 10/2/2oo9

The Fall Fishing on Lake Texoma is legendary. The month of October is when the weather begins to cool down and the fishing heats up! Water temperatures are dropping, the seagulls have arrived and the fishing gets better everyday.You board and depart early mornings and cast topwater plugs on the shallow banks. The 6 inch Pencil Popper is the number 1 plug to use. There is nothing more exciting than topwater striper fishing on Lake Texoma. Stripers are the best fighting fish we have in fresh water. Vicious strikes is putting it mildly.

After an hour or more of topwater fishing, you switch over to Sassy Shad jigs. Our favorites are from You need a good pair of binoculars and look for the bird activity. Always keep your eyes on the seagulls, as large schools of stripers will be under the birds.



StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 9/17/2009

After a hot July and August, the month of September came in with unusually cooler days. With the cooler weather we have ween the striper fishing on Lake Texoma steadily improve. Top-water bite with these cool cloudier and rainy days has been outstanding. Fishing the flats and shallow banks seems to be the best tactic for me. I haven't been chasing the schools on top much as the fish I have been catching on top have been on the smaller side found that most of the stripers working the top are on the smaller side but there is a lot of action and multiple hookups. The better stripers we have caught have been in the 5 to 20 feet of water range. I have fished several bait trips also. We have been using small gizzards shad. and fishing in 30 to 45 feet of water on anchor. We have had no problem catching good limits of Lake Texoma stripers fishing this way.

trophy lake texoma striper caught with Striper Master Lake Texoma Striper Guide Service


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Striper Inc. Striper Fishing Report 9/14/2009

Today was one of the days that you dream about all year long. It was the nastiest weather of the year, no one else in sight, and more topwater fish than you can ever imagine. My customers this morning had to cancel so I decided to go out alone because the conditions were ideal. I made it out around daybreak and started catching fish on every cast, all on topwater and all good fish! Most all of the fish were 18-23in but every now and then you could hook up a big fish with the biggest at 11lbs. I really can’t describe how aggressive these fish were today. They wouldn’t quit biting, everywhere I tried to catch fish, the y were there. I got tired of catching them around 9:30 so I headed in to eat breakfast and left them biting.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

My cousin called after getting off work from the fire department and we ate breakfast together. I told him how good the fishing was so we decided to go right back out there after breakfast to see if they were still biting. We get back out there around 10:30 and our first casts we both hook up. It was just as good as it was at first light still hitting top. The fish seemed like they had gotten a little smaller so I figured I’d go searching for a monster. I kept moving and trying new spots and caught fish in every one of them. 12:30 we hit the jack pot and my cousin hooks into one of th e biggest fish of the year! A whopping 17 lbs. 4 oz.! We decided to go in around 1:30 and the fish were still biting like crazy. The bite never slowed all day long.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

There is nothing better that catching monster fish on topwater.  Now is the best time of the year to fish. This type of action should last from now through the end of October. Cold fronts and windy days are the best time to come fishing. I have several of evening and weekday trips still available so don’t miss out on this incredible action.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing

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Cross Creek Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 9/12/2009

Well we found the fishing a little slow this past week, but catching our limits, fish on the small side, but getting all overs…(20 inch fish)    This Sunday was a blessing in its self.   Our church pastor, pulled 11 (people) out of the water, baptising them, those who gave their life to Christ, and I had not seen anything like it before.   I got pictures of it, just like I did if I had been fishing, and it was the most uplifting time I have spent on the water in some time.   Great Job, Bro. Bobby.       "JD"

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Tinker’s Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 9/9/2009

The last big holiday weekend of the year has come and gone on beautiful Lake Texoma but the fishing is nothing short of awesome! The top water action has begun. There not staying up for long but we are seeing lots of fish bust the water early. Stripers are good on Pencil Poppers early and live bait later in the day. The bellies of the silversides are getting bigger!

Check out these beautiful 16# and 17# stripers landed by the Cunningham Family on September 5th guided by David Escamilla. These trophies were caught on Pencil Poppers early in the morning.

The temperatures are beginning to drop to signify that Fall is nearing. The next ten days will bring cooler temperatures with the lows in the 60’s and highs in the low to mid 80’s with winds 5-15mph. There is a good chance of rain on Saturday so be sure to bring your rain gear. The rain will cool the water and add some oxygen to the water.

The pool elevation is 615.90 and the water temperature is 78-83 degrees.

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Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 8/19/2009

Lake Texoma August and September Fishing Report

The August fishing has been well above average. We are catching lots of stripers small, medium and large. You could call it a mixed bag of lots of fun! Early mornings it’s top water action. We have located some really nice fish. We board and depart at first light and cast Pencil Popper topwater plugs on the shallow banks. Recently we have had fish from 5 – 15 lbs. exploding on our plugs. Jimmy had a huge 40-inch monster striper throw a plug at the side of the boat. This action is just beginning and will continue till November. There is nothing more exciting than topwater striper fishing on Lake Texoma!  

The topwater fishing is worth the price of admission but there is still more to come. After an hour or so of topwater action we change our technique and begin slabbing and jigging. The fish have moved up on the flats. We vertically drop the slabs over the side of the boat and bump the slabs a foot off the bottom. You will locate most of the fish from 10’ – 30’ depths of water. In September, we will cast soft plastics like the Coho minnow and Sassy Shad jigs. When you are on the perfect school of fish, you can have multiple hookups. That is when everyone onboard is fighting a fish at the same time. The temperatures are mild and the fish love it.  Besides catching bunches of stripers, we also catch a lot of sandies (white bass).

Tight Lines,  Bill and Chris Carey