Rainy Day Fishing on Lake Texoma

If my yard wasn't so parched, I would have been singing the ditty, Rain Rain go away, come again some other day, Rain Rain go away I want to fish today.   But as the weather forecast said 50% chance of rain.  So that's 50% we won't get rained on, right?  We load up a little before 6am.  It had been drizzling but wasn't as Mike, his boys Zach and Jacob and I loaded into Doug Keeter's Striper Master Falcon.  Before we got out of Highport Marina we had to don the rain gear.  We let our slabs down in about 30 foot of water and after a couple of missed hits the bottom fell out.  It was raining so hard you could hardly see the shoreline of Texas.  Doug headed to a nearby cove where we sought shelter in an empty boat slip.  We sat in the boat listening to the rain hammer the tin roof of the boat house for about half an hour.  The rain finally let up to a light drizzle and we headed back out.  Doug stopped at a promising spot and bam it was fish on.  Zach took the honors for first fish of the day and it wasn't long before everyone had one in the boat.  We all caught a couple of fish and then they were gone.  We moved to another spot and bam fish on again.  The cycle repeated itself several times until we had our fill.  It was still drizzling as we headed back to Highport but as we slowed down in the no wake zone it quit.  By the time we unloaded on the courtesy dock the skies had lightened up and we shed the rain gear and tried to dry out.  Another great day on beautiful Lake Texoma, a good load of texoma stripers and a nicely soaked yard.


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