Smoke on the Water

A nice brisk morning with mist rising from the water is waiting on us as we arrive at Highport Marina on Lake Texoma and head to Doug Keeter's Striper Master Falcon.  I started to wear shorts this morning but it was a good thing i put my Levis on instead.  I brought a light hoodie and as we headed past the breakwater and Doug poured the coals on i should have brought a heavier one but the view of this beautiful morning on Lake Texoma made me forget the chill.  I turned around as we neared the islands and the view was spectacular.  A bad time to forget to bring the camera.  The fog's mist was rising along the shoreline and the sun was like a bright fireball.  The first thing that came to mind was a line from a Deep Purple song from back in the early seventies, "Smoke on the Water, the Fire's in the Sky". 

We started fishing with COJO's and today it was my turn to be the last to catch one, however I personally think it was the biggest at the time.  We would catch some then the stripers would move and we would try and follow.  We moved several times, each time catching 3 of 4 fish.

Around 9 am the stripers disappeared and Doug found a good school in about 15 feet of water.  Using slabs we bumped the bottom and caught 5 more fish.  We then went to see if we could find anymore topwater stripers.  We saw some birds working and Doug went around the flock so as not to disturb them or the bait fish they were chasing.  He set us up to drift thru them and BAM the action was on.  After some fast and furious action we shortly had our limit and it was time to head back in.

If you have not experienced the beauty of nature on a crisp morning on Lake Texoma, it is something I strongly recommend. We are truely blessed to gave this paradise. You never know, you too may see Smoke on the Water and Fire in the Sky. 




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