Striper Express Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/17/2009

January is normally a month when striper fishing is not on the top of your list of things to do. We do have a select group of fishermen that wouldn't miss a chance at some big stripers in the winter. Boy, we have located some big stripers! Yesterday, we had 6 anglers in 2 boats that had a day to remember. They boarded at 11 am with adrenalin pumping. The first fish of the trip attacked the Road Runner jig and started stripping line, after a 5 minute fight we landed the 16lb. striper. What a way to start!

Five hours later, both boats had caught a total of 63 stripers up to 23.5lbs. The winter fishing is legendary on Lake Texoma.We released 6 fish from 14 to 16 lbs. Striper Express specializes in artificial lure fishing. We have a wonderful lake to back us up, and is chock full of striped bass. We sell "the thrill of the hunt!" If you like to bass fish this is an adventure not to be missed. We often compare it to bass on steroids!

We caught all the fish on RoadRunner 1oz.jigs, Moe's Dead Assassins and Shad Sticks from We are fishing main lake points and are slow rolling the jigs close to the bottom. A good tip is, If you think your reeling to slow…slow down. These trophies are rogue fish and tend to be in small groups. Like big bucks that don't run with the pack. These "pigs" produce vicious strikes and line stripping fights!


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