StriperExpress Lake Texoma Fishing News

Terry Glenn #83 of the Dallas Cowboys booked a fishing charter with us in May. Everyone at Striper Express are big Cowboy fans. Terry brought his family with him, his lovely wife and their three great kids. I can’t leave out Banks, Terry’s friend from college days. We get a kick out of all jocks, they are always the most competitive anglers. While Terry and Banks were trading places on who was catching more and bigger fish, Terry’s five year old daughter was setting the bar on fishability. Later on, Terry made a long cast and a eleven pound striper attacked his jig. The fish made a long run, it was stripping line and the drag was screaming. Terry finally turned the big fish and what a great fight! What a way to finish off the day.

They ended up catching over fifty fish. After twenty five years, we have met a lot of great people in our fishing business. We have been able to build wonderful relationships and watch the kids grow up. Terry has a feeling for people and family along with a passion for the outdoors. He’s our kind of people and our bond is beautiful Lake Texoma.

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