StriperExpress Lake Texoma Fishing Report 12/21/08

Winter Fishing is where it’s at!

Few anglers know how good the fishing is in the winter. Cool water temperatures make   the fishing turn into catching.  Large stripers up to 20 lbs will move on structure like main lake points, mouths of creeks, humps and ditches. Texoma stripers are like bass on steroids. This pattern of artificial lure fishing is how I fished the first time I came to Texoma years ago. I brought my bass tackle with 12 lb test and my guide Cracker Shelby said, "go put that crappie rod back in the truck". We landed 23 stripers up to 15 lbs. Had to tell all my bass buddies…You’ve got to do this!



RoadRunner time on Texoma. This our big fish lure of choice. The one ounce white bucktail tipped with a 7 inch soft plastic worm is deadly on the fish. Sassy Shad jigs in whiteglo and chartreuse colors are always a great producer. The seagulls are always your best fish locator. Keep your eyes peeled for the birds working. The stripers drive the shad to the surface. You can position your boat in front of the birds and have multiple hook-ups. If the fish stay grouped up you can catch them till your tired.



Rudy Lambert of Weatherford TX. holds the record while fishing with us. He had 33 consecutive hookups on as many casts.

Winter fishing on Texoma is a good time to land that beast you’ve been hunting for.

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