StriperFish Lake Texoma Fishing Report 7/27/2007

Fishing has been a lot of work during this month at Lake Texoma. Had to cancel some trips because of the high water, loss of electricity, and dangers of floating debris. The water trickled over the spillway, but is now going down gradually. Those that chose to "weather the storm" had a lot of fun, and caught good fish. Robt and Sara Kaska, did well for three days, with "her" big fish going around 8-9#, and she missed the big one. Threw lots of over 20s back. It is now time to consider that upcoming summer outing, with a little inconveniences of getting in the boat at the bank, fishing is great! Lots of top water, some bait, and a little long-lining at times.  Call me (vacation August 4th)  but lots of dates open now……"JD"

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