StriperInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/28/2011

It seems all the signs of spring are now upon us. Wild flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are getting their leaves, my garden is coming up, and most importantly, the fish are starting to bite here on Lake Texoma. With the warmer weather the surface temperature has climbed into the 60’s in the main lake which is the striper’s preferred temperature range where they feed the most aggressively. As a result the fishing has really been turning on and we are even starting to see a big fish turn up here and there. It is still a little hit and miss but both the hit and the miss are getting better by the day.
Monday 3/21 I had three guys and it was a little slow, I think I ended up with around 8 or 10 fish for 3 guys.
Tuesday 3/22 the wind was blowing like crazy and I tried to get my group to cancel but they wanted to give it a shot anyway. Well, 4-5 ft seas are no joke but safely navigated to a safe spot out of the wind where we could catch some fish. We ended up with 19 fish for a group of 4 which I was please to have considering the conditions and the fact we were limited to fishing one spot.  


Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Pictures 

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