StriperInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report 3/7/2011

It is evident that March has arrived as it seems the wind is always blowing which can make fishing tough as Lake Texoma can get rough and you are limited to where you can fish but I’ve been making it work thus far. The catfishing has died down a bit as expected for March and the striper fishing is beginning to pick back up as the water warms. Theoretically, each week should be better than the last with the continually warming water temperatures.

Friday March 4th we tried our luck catfishing and it had gotten much slower from the previous week. We fished live and cut gizzard shad on the bottom in 70-80ft. of water on anchor. There were several fish still there and we were getting lots of bites but th ey just were not in the mood. They would just chew on the bait and never really take it. I moved several times but it was the same story everywhere I went. We ended up bringing home 10 cats up to 8 pounds to split between 2 people which was not terrible but we should have done better. We did manage to lose our 2 biggest fish which would have certainly made our day but that's how it goes sometimes. Still it was a great day out and we had a blast. 

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