StriperMaster Fishing Report 7/27/2007

It has been several weeks since my last fishing report. I shut my boat down for a few weeks due to the high water. I mentioned in my last report the debris in the lake and took my own advice and stayed off the lake.

  I started fishing again on July 16th. Finding a place to launch my boat has been a big problem. I have had numerous calls and emails the last week with the same question. "Where's an open ramp to launch my boat?" Right now I don't know of any marina who has their ramps open and I personally think it will be mid August before many of the ramps are useable.

  That's the Bad News…Now the Good News…

  If you can get your boat on the water the fishing is very good.  I've seen stripers on top several times this past week.  When you see them on top the action is fast and furious with good fish being caught.  I'm taking live bait each day as the topwater action is not yet a daily occurrence. Live bait fishing has been great, however finding and catching the bait has been somewhat of a difficult task.

Lake Texoma striper

  Most of the fish I've been catching are in the Washita Point to Burns Run area of the lake. Most of the lake is still real muddy, but this part of Lake Texoma is pretty clear.

  I'm fishing in 20-40 feet of water right in the willow trees.  So if your itching to get on the water for some great fishing give us a call or email.

Lake Texoma striper

  If you are able to get your boat on the water be extremely careful and alert as there is a lot of debris floating on the lake, slowly moving thru the river channel.


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