StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 5/15/2008

Fishing since my last report has been excellent. I have fished most everyday with several morning and afternoon charters. We are catching large numbers of stripers on live bait while on anchor in anywhere from 20-55 feet of water. The current lake level is at 618.02 with a water temperature of 68 degrees and still somewhat off color..
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 The action has been fast and furious with several one pole times. I also had a couple of days of lure fishing after finding topwater stripers thanks to the working birds. Sassy Shads are the ticket when you find these schools of hyped up Lake Texoma stripers.

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 A lot of recreational craft are getting out on the water as the water and weather warms. We had the first watercraft related fatality of the year during the first weekend in May. I know I say this quite a bit but it only takes a matter of time to turn a beautiful day on Lake Texoma into tragedy. Pay attention to all the craft around you, watch for approaching boats as they may not be watching you. Make sure your fire extinguisher is fully charged, you have a sufficient number of quality life jackets, don't scrimp and get cheapies as you never know when you may have to rely on them in an emergency. Also make sure you have a throw cushion, loud horn or a whistle. Look out for yourself and fro others and enjoy your time on Lake Texoma.
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