StriperMaster Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Report 1/16/2009

Cooler water temperatures makes for HOT Lake Texoma Striper Fishing. Over the last few weeks we are seeing much larger stripers being caught. The official Lake Texoma surface water temperature is 52 degrees with an elevation of 616.3 feet. I'm mainly fishing west of Highport Marina. Some days we have seagulls to help locate fish, but my last couple of trips I haven't seen them working. That is where your electronics come in handy. You can find fish now just about anywhere using your electronics. I am fishing mainly on structures (ledges, creeks, humps, ditches, points) with live bait (Gizzard Shad) and mostly drifting. I have had a couple of great days of lure fishing on the really cold and overcast days, and these were the days we caught the best fish of the year. Bundle up and do some winter fishing on Lake Texoma, it will be worth it.

Lake Texoma Striper Fishing,


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