StripersInc Lake Texoma Fishing Report

The lure fishing is on right now on Lake Texoma. Lake Texoma water temperature is at 85° and the elevation is 618.85 which is right at normal. Slabs, topwaters and cohoes are where it is at right now. Bait is not working right now and from what I’ve heard, if your not using lures, your not catching fish. There is a slab run that has been working the past few days along the bluffs and a topwater bite is happening occasionally depending on boat traffic. Most of my fish are coming off of cohoes and slabs in 25-70 ft of water. I have not been able to keep a limit in a while because it seems that all the fish are either real small or over 20” but we’re catching a lot of fish and still able to bring back a good box.

Friday July 3rd: I had 2 people a father and his 8 year old son. After teaching the boy how to cast we were off to find the fish. We drove around looking for a while and around 7:00 they turned on. There were little fish surfacing all over the lake. We were throwing cohoes under the surfacing fish and pulling a keeper now and again. Most all of my fish came off cohoes in 15-30 ft. of water. We caught fish until 11:00 and the 8 year old finally got tired of reeling in fish. We ended up with 16 keepers. We threw back 30+ dinks and 4-5 over 20 inches. I took off over the weekend to avoid the craziness.

Monday July 6th: A cold front blew in and it was cooler than it had been. I was feeling optimistic about the fishing in the cool weather. I had 2 people again today, a husband and wife on vacation. After getting the wife coached up on how to cast my rods I decided to check out some of my fall spots for topwater with the cool weather blowing through. Sure enough there were some decent fish hanging out in the shallows trying to get into the cooler water. I had 5 fish in the box before sun up with only one more 20” fish to keep, looks like it is going to be a good day. After the sun came up I decided to go check out the slab run along the bluffs. I got into some more topwater fish along the bank but they were dinks so I moved deeper and got away from the boats and there they were, black out. We hooked up 5 or 6 fish and all over 20”. I’m already throwing fish back at 7:00. We stayed on the slab run until around 9:00 when it started to die down. We managed to pick a few keepers mixed in with all of the overs. We went to shallower water in the 30 ft range and found a few hitting the surface. The fish were not biting as good now but we kept catching fish until they decided to go in around 10:45. We ended up with 16 keepers again, looks like 16 is becoming a trend. We threw back 5-6 dinks and about 10-12 fish over 20”, all in all a good day.

Tues July 7th PM: I was off today and had tomorrow off as well so I decided to take my girlfriend Megan fishing this evening. We got out on the water around 6ish and it was still hot with no wind to be found. I found some fish in 30ft and tried to slab them with no takers. Finally found some that would bite in 10ft using cohoes. I never saw a lot of topwater action just some dinks near the bank but no big fish. We caught quite a few good fish. We were the only boat there when we started and I counted 15 by the time we left. One boat came by me on plane, I made a cast over his wake (yes I said I cast over his wake) and caught a fish on that cast as he ran somewhere else in search of some topwater action. I didn’t mind all of the boats and the fish didn’t seem to either. We hit a few times where we were catching them on every cast. Between the 2 of us we probably managed around 30 fish or so most all of them over 20”.

Good Luck to All,
Brian Prichard
Stripers Inc.

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