Sunday Tips

The fishing is very good on Lake Texoma and the temptation to take an undue advantage can get you in some legal tangles.

Tip 1:  We were visiting a local watering hole over the weekend and listened to a story of some fishermen who got nabbed for having more than 2 over 20 inch long stripers in their possession.  Right now, when you find them, you often get more than the 2 allotted 20 + inchers.  Don't let the temptation to keep them get to you as these unfortunate guys did.  The Game Wardens were actually pretty lenient on them and only hot them with citations for two over 20 inch fish apiece, word was they had 16 or 17 on their possession.   At $150 a fish the fine can add up quickly and the Game Wardens can confiscate your boat and equipment if they think you are not being honest with them.  Some guides will let you fall in this trap and you need to remember that you too will be held liable if caught.  So with fewer numbers of boats on the water, your chances of being checked may be higher.

Tip 2:  as you know most at most ramps and marinas you will see signs saying "No Launch", No Tresspassing", etc.  They ramp/marina owners aren't kidding.  You can get ticketed/arrested for tresspassing if you choose to sneak around them.  Really not worth the effort.

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