Tinker’s Lake Texoma Fishing Report 1/26/2009

We ended December with 132 people bringing 1065 stripers up to 12 lbs and 193 totals of sand bass and catfish combined to the cleaning table. Some catfish up to 40 lbs have been caught out on some of the trips. On December 4th David Matson and his friends brought in a limit of stripers up to 8 lbs and 3 catfish up to 12 lbs. On December 6th the Alvin Miller group, the Bill Marrow group and the Robert Wedgeworth group all brought in limits totaling 160 stripers to 12 lbs, 2 catfish to 8 lbs and 5 sand bass. On December 13th David Demarest and 12 of his friends took home filets from 102 stripers and 15 sand bass. That afternoon Danny Ratcliff brought his crew of 15 to striper fish and they brought 105 stripers to the cleaning table. Bryan Morrison and his 4 friends caught 50 stripers up to 8 lbs and 10 catfish up to 30 lbs on December 19th. December 27th Ray Hastings from Canadian TX and his friends took home filets from 60 stripers up to 5 lbs. On December 28th 3 of Sammy Teals friends came and caught 11 stripers up to 6 lbs and 21 catfish up to 40 lbs. Unfortunately Sammy was unable to come on the trip he booked but his friends had a blast for him too.