Tragedy strikes on Lake Texoma

A Kansas man drowned on Lake Texoma Saturday.  The accident happened in the Oklahoma waters of Lake Texoma, according to the reports we have heard.

The group of five were fishing with guide Jay Bendle out of Buncombe Creek and were heading back to the marina when the accident occured.  The weather was pretty rough with very high winds and four to five feet waves.  The boat was heading west and took on some water.  A large swell swamped the boat then it capsized throwing the group into the lake approximately 100 yards from the shore.  None of the group were wearing their life jackets according to the report.

The five men swam to shore but about 10 feet from the shore, Johnny Mullins, of Marysville, Kansas, collapsed and went under water.  The other men were able to pull Mr. Mullins out of the water onto the shore and began to administer CPR.  Mr. Mullins was taken to Marshal County Medical Center in Madill and was pronounced dead by the medical examiner at 2:30 Saturday afternoon.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that safety and respect for Lake Texoma is stressed often.  Always have your life jackets easily accessible and if you venture out on days when the wind is high, be sure and wear your life jackets as the waters of Lake Texoma can get rough very quickly and as this tragic incident emphasises they can also be deadly.

The advise we like to stress is remember, wear that life preserver and that your life preserver may save your life.  And if you think its too windy then it probably is, so stow the boat and get your yard work done and you will be able to enjoy the lake next week. 



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