Update on Striper Guide boat sinking

Well we just got home from one of the popular watering holes on Lake Texoma and found out more information.   From the info we recieved tonight, Kudos should go out to Mr. McCullough.  Once he knew the boat was in trouble he did not panic and was able to get his charter into their vests, tethered together where they could stay as a group and rode out the rough conditions for over an hour until they were spotted and plucked from the water.  We commend Mr McCullough for his actions.

There are still much speculation as to the "series of events" issue with several theories being bandied about.  When we learn more we will report what we discover.

A fund has been set up on the Six Old Geezers board to help out Mr. McCullough. If you would like to help out go to 




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  1. Good Reporting. The web site you note has no info on what happened, just that somethiong did. Let us know what you hear.

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