Lake Texoma Weather Precautions

You should never head out onto Lake Texoma without first checking the weather forecast for the Lake Texoma area. You can easily get weather information from the Internet, TV or Radio. the wather on Lake Texoma can change rapidly.  You should keep an eye open and be alert of any changes you notice. There are some things you can look for that indicate an approaching weather change:

  • Weather changes generally come from the south or west so scan the sky.
  • A sudden drop in temperature and change in the wind often means that a storm is near.
  • Watch for cloud build up, especially rapid vertically rising clouds.

Beware of Thunderstorms.  Never boat or fish in a thunderstorm. With thunder comes lightning and lightning KILLS. 

The best bet is to take shelter before the storm arrives and never, ever hide out under a tree.


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