Your Striper Fishing Guide

We learned of an interesting incident that occured over the 4th of July holidays that we felt we should share. 

Our story starts when a group of guys decide one evening they are going to go fishing the next month for stripers on Lake Texoma.  Fisherman 1 calls and books a trip with guide 1.  In the meantime fisherman 2 calls and books a trip for the same date and time with guide 2.   The evening before the trip guide 1 calls fisherman 1 and confirms trip and sets up the meeting place to be at the Mobile station on the corner of FM 289 and Highport Rd.  The morning of the trip guide 1 meets the group and introduces himeself to them.  He has his guide service's shirt on and directs them to the boat they will be fishing from.  The group travels to Little Mineral Marina, departs to the fishing grounds and has a great time slaying the Lake Texoma stripers.  After getting their limit they return to the Marina get their cleaned fillets, settle up and all in hunky dory, or is it?

The next day fisherman 1 calls guide 1 and says they fished with the wrong guide.  Fisherman 1 explains that his buddy fisherman 2 booked a tripe with guide 2 using his, fisherman 1's, credit card for the deposit.  Fisherman 1 now wants guide 1 to pay guide 2 for the cost of the trip and accuses guide 1 of scamming them.  He says he canceled trip with guide 1 once he  learned of fisherman 2's booking with guide 2.

The war of words escalates and after guide 2 informs fisherman 1 he has charged his credit card only for the no show fee things go even further downhill.  Fisherman 1 now stops payment of the cancellation fee.  The two guides agree it was neither of their faults, as neither knew the other was also booked.  

This is the first time we have ever heard of a case like this but based on the above story and tales we have heard of, such as guide not showing up at the meeting place, we would like to relate a few tips to ensure your guide experience is a good one.
     1.  When you make your reservation for your charter, write down all the details.
                        phone, email, guide's name, date, time and
                        exact location of where you are to meet up.
     2.  Call your guide to confirm all is good to go a couple of days before your charter.
     3.  Get detailed instructions and directions of where you are to meet.

Following these simple steps will greatly enhance that your Lake Texoma fishing charter will go smooth and be one that you will enjoy and have fond memories of to tell your buds about.



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